Packaging Solutions & Equipment

Packaging Solutions and Equipment

LINC Systems is the industry leader in packaging solutions, supplies and automated equipment designed to lower your total cost of packaging. We partner with the most innovative packaging equipment and material manufacturers on the planet with one goal in mind:

To deliver the best machinery and application fit for smooth equipment start-up, reliability and long-term return on your machinery investments.

With over 100 years of technical service expertise, our application experts provide end-to-end packaging service and solutions to help you drive efficiency, minimize downtime and reduce costs in your packaging operations.

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Packaging Solutions, Design Efficiency, Productivity, Supply Chain Fullfillment and Technical Service


See what our customers are saying...

"When you talk about manual jobs versus machines and automation, a lot of people think that you put in these machines and you get rid of people - not today's world. We take our team members and put them in jobs that add more value to our business. This approach enables us to reduce turnover, retrain staff and retain industry knowledge while keeping our team in the building."

- Ronnie Cullison, MasterBrand Manufacturing Technology Manager


"In our installation of the Shuttleworth conveyance system, there was a good collaborative effort between our company, LINC Systems and Shuttleworth. We would have meetings frequently to go over details and layouts and changes, and LINC was very responsive to what we needed. We’ve had a good partnership with LINC for over 10 years now. It’s a collaborative relationship with a trusted company that understands our business, our processes, and knows what we’re looking for."

- Mike Dobson, Senior Process Engineer, Newell Brands


"Our wrapper installation project went great. Jim and the mechanical foreman work very well together. The old wrapper was out on Saturday and the new wrapper was installed. Sunday they anchored down the equipment and did the safety fencing. The new wrapper was running on Monday morning with no issues. Jim did a great job again for us."

- Vern Adkins, Bay State Milling


"Our LINC tech listens and understands our needs and how we are always in a pinch to make sure equipment continues to operate. He is definitely one of the most approachable and friendly techs that I have encountered. He gets the job done and clearly communicates what we need to do to have our equipment repaired."

- Tiffany Tate, PAC WW


We offer the highest-quality brands of industrial packaging equipment, including but not limited to:


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