3M Polyester Tape 8403 Green 1 in x 72 yd

3MI-02120061458 MFG #: 70006103868
  • Category 1: Adhesives
  • Category 2: Tapes
  • Category 3: Single Coated Tapes
Thick and Durable Tape for Masking in High Temperatures 3M™ Polyester Tape 8403 is a thicker polyester tape designed for easy handling and more durability. It is ideal for masking in high temperature applications and adheres well to silicone coated surfaces. The tape has a silicone adhesive that functions well for masking and removes cleanly, in one-piece, from most surfaces. This tape also excels in permanent splicing operations on silicone liners, papers and films subject to high temperatures. With exceptional chemical resistance, this tape works effectively in some of the most demanding work conditions, such as anodization. The pressure sensitive silicone adhesive performs under a broad range of temperatures ranging from -60°F (-50°C) to 425°F (218°C). Our 3M™ Polyester Tape 8403 has long service life and is designed to remain firmly adhered and flexible. Recommended Applications Splicing of silicone liners, films and papers Holding parts or vacuum bags during composite bonding operations Masking metal surfaces in acid or caustic chemical milling baths Flash breaker in metal bonding processes where the excess epoxy (flash) flows on the tape Protective tape reduces scratches during handling and shipping Paint mask for areas subject to higher temperature bake cycles
  • Works in demanding conditions and retains flexibility in autoclave conditions in temperatures ranging from -60°F (-50°C)€ to 350°F (177°C)
  • Silicone adhesive provides clean removal from a variety of surfaces
  • Chemical resistant adhesive and backing provides durability in difficult environments, such as anodization
  • Thicker version of 3M Polyester Tape 8402, providing more durability and longer wear
  • Ideal for splicing applications on surfaces that are difficult to adhere too, such as silicone coated papers and films