3M Premium Matte Cloth (Gaffers) Tape GT2 Black 48 mm x 50 m 11 mil 24 rolls per case

3MI-07630898514 MFG #: 70006777927
  • Category 1: Adhesives
  • Category 2: Tapes
  • Category 3: Duct & Cloth Tapes
Behind the Scenes 3M™ Premium Matte Cloth (Gaffers) Tape GT2 is a high-strength, conformable tape commonly found on movie sets worldwide. Its matte finish makes it an excellent choice for concealing wires used in audio and video setups. 3M™ Premium Matte Cloth (Gaffers) Tape GT2 comes available in a wide range of colors to suit your application. Recommended Applications Attaching wires Bundling cables Temporary holding of light fixtures Marking of critical areas where high visibility is required Marking and labeling equipment Meeting your Production’s Needs 3M™ Premium Matte Cloth (Gaffers) Tape GT2 was engineered these tapes to be user friendly and offer all the benefits industrial professionals hope to get from gaffers tape. To begin, it's hand tearable with smooth, controlled unwind. You can tear the tape into narrower strips if needed and expect easy handling, all contributing to quicker application. When the job is complete, it will remove cleanly and easily. This tape is durable yet highly conformable to irregular surfaces — so you can adhere it to those hard-to-reach areas and access the tough spots.
  • High-strength tape designed for arts and entertainment
  • Measures two inches wide
  • Available in 19 different colors with matte finishes
  • May be used indoors and outdoors for numerous applications
  • Hand tearable and easy to handle