MIL-48-22-7415 MFG #: 48-22-7415
  • Category 1: Hand Tools
  • Category 2: Wrenches
  • Category 3: Adjustable Wrenches
Milwaukee 48-22-7415, 15” Adjustable wrench has been designed from theground up to offer maximum productivity to the professional user. Theadjustable wrench features a proprietary adjustment screw for jaws thatwon’t back off. The ergonomic handle form has been designed for maximumcomfort and won’t dig into the palms, and is chrome plated for rustprotection and maximum tool life. The wrench’s parallel jaw design won’tslip or damage finish surfaces, and a tether-ready handle loop makesthe Milwaukee 48-22-7415 perfect for the toughest of jobsites. Milwaukeestands behind their product and offers a Limited Lifetime Warranty withall adjustable wrenches. The Milwaukee 48-22-7415 includes (1)48-22-7415 15” Adjustable Wrench.