LINC Systems Leads with Sustainability

At LINC, we make it our responsibility to ensure we are doing all we can to create a more sustainable world. That means focusing our efforts, both internally and for our customers, on how we can achieve the greatest positive impact.

Through a number of programs including preventative maintenance and materials analysis, shipment consolidation and careful vendor selection, we are focused everyday on how we can continue to work along side our customers to keep our planet thriving.

With our efforts to perform cut and weigh analysis on plastic film for packaging customers and tool repairs done for fastening customers alone we save nearly 900,000 lbs of waste from landfills annually!


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We offer programs like:


No Cost Sustainable Packaging Analysis

We collaborate closely with our packaging clients to deliver the most sustainable and economically efficient packaging solutions. Through conducting Cut and Weigh analyses on stretch wrapping systems, we precisely assess film performance, aiming to minimize film consumption and thus reduce waste. Our partnered suppliers provide a range of environmentally friendly options, including Biodegradable films, PCR films, Recyclable materials, and High Performance variants. At LINC Systems, our foremost commitment is maximizing film utility to minimize waste generation.

Learn more from our Sustainability Line Card.

rapid repair

Rapid Repair & Preventative Maintenance Programs

Rapid Repair, our tool repair program, is a fast and efficient way to repair and service tools of all kinds including small body tools, pneumatic tools, gas powered tools and strapping tools, and much more.

We repair around 2,500 tools a year on average which saves more than 23,000 pounds of tools waste from ending up in landfills!

Our Service Technicians provide regular preventative maintenance service calls and visits on packaging equipment. Equipment that is operating at its optimum capacity, uses less energy and maximizes output.

By making sure our customers' equipment is properly maintained, and rebuilding systems, when needed, we save our customers approximately $25,000 in equipment replacement costs!

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linc express

LINC Express

With LINC Express, you can combine your orders for fasteners with packaging, safety and industrial supplies. Instead of dealing with multiple suppliers, you deal with one. Ordering is streamlined and processing is easier.

Fastening customers that consolidate their packaging orders save approximately $12,000 in freight costs and shipping related costs annually!

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StaySafe! Safety Training Program

Over 4.1 million workers suffer from serious job-related injuries or illnesses annually. To safeguard your workforce, LINC developed a comprehensive and complimentary pneumatic tool safety training program to empower our customers with the knowledge and resources necessary to ensure the well-being of their employees.

With our Stay Safe! Safety Program, you're investing in the well-being and longevity of your most valuable asset: your employees. Let's work together to create safer, healthier work environments for all.

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We work with choice vendors who put sustainability at the forefront, such as...

For a complete look at our sustainable packaging products, download our Sustainability Line Card here.


Paragon Films

Paragon Films does more than producing the industry’s thinnest stretch film, a sustainability marvel that reduces waste. They are using data and innovation to continuously measure their environmental impact and minimize their footprint to secure a better future for all. By reducing the plastic thickness of their stretch films, they have been able to remove 642,000+ pounds of plastic from the environment since 1994, and that number keeps growing. Paragon Film’s mission?

To be:

  • Thinner
  • Stronger
  • Greener

Learn more.

The FROMM Group

The Fromm Group is committed to devising and delivering sustainable solutions that offer the highest performance with the lowest amount of material. Just a few of FROMM sustainable products include recycled polyester strap, recycled and biodegradable paper film, extended pre-stretch on stretch wrapping and airpad cushions that are 99% filled with air. 

FROMM continuously innovates to improve efficiency, reduce resource consumption, reuse products where possible and recycle and convert materials. Recent projects have included: 

  • Controlled water circulation
  • Internal heating via waste heat
  • Noise and dust reduction
  • Solar energy
  • “Zero” waste processing
  • Environmental certification

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Shurtape continually works to improve their organization to be a responsible business that benefits their employees, customers and the communities in which they operate. That continuous improvement mindset guides their decision-making process to ensure they continue to provide the highest-quality products that are developed and produced in a manner that reflects their commitment to be an environmentally, socially and economically responsible organization, Their core values include:

  • Adhering to Environmental Preservation
  • Securing Sustainable Life Cycles
  • Bonding Colleagues & Communities

Learn more. 

And we can't forget our internal LINC efforts!

At LINC Systems, we make every effort to ensure our operations, shipping and warehouse activities are running with sustainability at the forefront. From recycling bins to energy savings, part of our mission is to continue to grow these efforts to help create a better future for our planet.


Recycling Program

Here at LINC, we have recycling dumpsters for steel and metal where we recycle all old metal from tools, steel banding, unrepairable and discontinued tools, and any damaged or defective nails or staples which save approximately 18,000 lbs of waste from landfills.

We also have recycling dumpsters for cardboard, office paper, aluminum cans as well as #1 - #7 plastic containers.


Reuse Program

All LINC warehouses reuse shipping boxes, shipping peanuts, and shipping air bags for future UPS shipments. We also have bins we fill with used shrink wrap. This shrink wrap is then cut up to stuff boxes so that items don't get damaged during UPS transit. 


Energy Reduction Program

LINC Systems uses electric industrial timers to charge our forklifts. The timers kick in at midnight, so we get a full charge in the morning and save money since we aren't using energy during peak hours. This also reduces the strain on the community's electrical grid.


Eco Vadis Scorecard 

An EcoVadis Scorecard provides a comprehensive evaluation of a company's sustainability performance and practices. By obtaining and leveraging an EcoVadis Scorecard, companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability, enhance brand reputation, and foster trust among stakeholders in an increasingly environmentally and socially conscious marketplace.


Ethical Sourcing

LINC Systems prioritizes ethical considerations in sourcing decisions, it helps us mitigate risks, enhance our reputation, and contribute to positive social and environmental outcomes across our supply chain and beyond.


Culture Program Incentives for Volunteer Work

At LINC Systems, we foster a vibrant and inclusive work environment centered around our innovative 4E Culture Program, which empowers our employees to actively engage with and contribute to their communities. This culture program serves as a means to enhance our team's motivation and sense of camaraderie while giving back to the communities in which we live.


Annual Golf Outing

  • Each year, LINC Systems proudly organizes its Annual Golf Outing, a highly anticipated event uniting our valued packaging customers and vendors for a charitable cause. Through this collaborative effort, we make a meaningful difference in the community, embodying the spirit of giving that defines our company ethos.

Employee Wellness Programs

  • To support our team members in their journey towards optimal health, we offer a range of incentives and benefits. By investing in our employees' health and wellness, we foster a culture of vitality and resilience, enabling our team to thrive both personally and professionally.

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