10 Strategies for Home Furnishing Manufacturers to Alleviate Fastener & Packaging Challenges

Date of post: July 19, 2023By: LINC Systems

The furniture manufacturing market continues to grow at a fast pace. According to Grand View Research, the global furniture manufacturing market was valued at over $648 billion in 2021 and is forecasted to expand at a compound growth rate of 5.7% from 2022 to 2030.

Growth of this magnitude is no surprise. At the height of the pandemic, the market witnessed consumers invest more resources into their homes and home offices as shutdowns and remote work took hold. Today, increased disposable income, growth in hospitality and housing sectors and a growing demand for luxury furnishings continue to drive demand.

However, these opportunities are not without challenges. The lack of skilled workers, supply chain shortages and the increased use of automation have manufacturers rethinking strategies to overcome an increasingly complex industry.

Whether you design, cut, shape, assemble or finish furniture products or interior home furnishings like cabinets, you need clear-cut strategies that increase efficiency, reduce manufacturing costs, protect employees from injury and improve the quality of your products.

LINC Systems can help you meet these goals by providing industry expertise along with a wide variety of products and services. Learn how:

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How LINC Systems Helps Home Furniture Manufacturers with Industry Challenges

The pandemic didn’t create supply chain challenges; it only magnified what has plagued manufacturers for years. But it’s not just navigating a complex supply chain that is cause for concern, it’s the subsequent landslide of other business-related impacts, including:

  • Supply shortages
  • Price increases/changes
  • Fulfillment delays
  • Higher freight costs
  • Higher raw material costs

LINC Systems helps frame, upholstery, bedding and cabinet manufacturers overcome industry challenges like these with tools and services that fit your needs. We offer a wide range of fasteners and packaging solutions from leading brands in the industry, including Encore, Hartco, BeA Fasteners, Omer, Bostitch, and many more.


1. Overcoming Material Changes and Supply Chain Issues in Your Furniture Manufacturing

Are you having trouble sourcing staples and nails, or are you paying too much? Is your current fastener overkill for your manufacturing needs? Have you had recent operational or material changes?

Sometimes, a solution may be the smallest component in your manufacturing process. The fastener.

Any time there is a material or production change in your operation, a fastener change is also needed. What worked before may not be the best choice for today’s needs. Sounds simple enough, but hardware like staples, nails or clips are often overlooked when assessing budget or production needs.

Furniture manufacturers can overcome challenges like these by evaluating their current materials, tooling and processes and choosing options that better suit their needs. To do so, we recommend furniture manufacturers work with a vendor that can perform an onsite consultation of your operations to uncover areas of inefficiency you may be missing.

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Choosing the wrong fastener or tooling for applications requiring precision and performance can be costly and dangerous. You run the risk of increased labor and repair costs, voided warranties, poor connection capabilities, leaks, load failure and shorter product life. Inefficiency can result from changes in:

  • Type of material being used (wood, fiber, plastic, foam, vinyl)
  • Hardwoods versus softwoods
  • Material thickness
  • Aesthetic requirements
  • Functionality requirements
  • Safety requirements
  • External conditions
  • Tooling requirements (power, speed, torque)

You can realize cost savings simply by evaluating your current production needs and choosing solutions more suited to those applications. The experts at LINC Systems can help you with this challenge.

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2. Choosing the Right Fastener Finishes to Create Better Joints

Choosing the proper finish on your fasteners is as important as choosing the material your fastener is constructed from. Fasteners often come in contact with other metals and environments that can cause corrosion and oxidation, limiting function and performance. Choosing the wrong finish can impact:

  • Joint safety
  • Fastener functionality
  • Corrosion-resistance
  • Service life
  • Integrity during handling
  • Cost of the overall assembly

Different applications, materials and environmental conditions require different finishes. Along with plating and galvanization, here are just some of the many finish options we offer: black oxide, zinc oxide, zinc, cadmium, chromate, chromium, and ceramic.

LINC Systems carries fasteners such as corrugated fasteners, furniture clips, hardware, hog rings, nails, rebar tie wire, scrails, screws and staples in various materials and finishes to meet your needs.

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3. Overcoming Labor Shortages and Production Slowdowns with Automation

The furniture manufacturing industry is labor-intensive and with qualified talent in short supply, meeting production deadlines is a challenge. Highly repetitive industrial applications like industrial fastening or hand-wrapping pallets require excessive manpower when performed manually.

Without adequate personnel to perform tasks, cycle times and production capacity often come to a grinding halt, significantly impacting overall throughput.

Investing in automating routine tasks like fastening, packaging and palletizing save on material and labor costs.


Did you know?
High-performance automated stretch wrappers can pre-stretch packaging film by 250% and offer better load containment, saving on materials and product damage. You can also experience productivity gains and lower labor costs.


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Automated machines reduce the work humans perform, increase production capabilities and allow businesses to place those workers in positions more suited to their skill set. More importantly, automation can reduce workplace injuries and create a safer work environment.

Additionally, limited access to raw materials and supplies means that errors and defects must be carefully managed to avoid diminished production output. Automated fastening solutions can be dialed into the application’s required specifications, reducing the likelihood of errors and expensive rework.


“When you talk about manual jobs versus machines and automation, a lot of people think that you put in these machines and you get rid of people - not today's world. We take our team members and put them in jobs that add more value to our business. This approach enables us to reduce turnover, retrain staff and retain industry knowledge while keeping our team in the building."
— Ronnie Cullison, MasterBrand Manufacturing Technology Manager


Automated options like the BeA Autotec automated stapler offers home furnishing manufacturers key benefits that include:

  • Lower maintenance
  • Higher parts tolerance
  • Less energy consumption for longer tool life
  • Improved reliability and consistency
  • Improved worker safety and ergonomics
  • High-production fastening capability
  • Decreased changeover time

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4. Improve Production, Safety and Quality: A LINC Success Story

Why partner with LINC Systems? Learn how LINC provides value.

LINC Systems partnered with Klaussner Home Furnishings to deliver personalized service, extensive product knowledge and tool repair solutions to reduce downtime and improve safety on their production lines.

Klaussner sought to elevate employee safety and profitability while ensuring efficient operations on their manufacturing lines. With that in mind, Klaussner had three main objectives when selecting a new vendor:

  1. Seeking a supply partner with high integrity.
  2. Safety must come first.
  3. High-quality products are non-negotiable.

In addition to a great product offering, LINC Systems provided Klaussner with extensive product and application knowledge and regular visits from trained technicians and representatives. Other benefits included:

  • Improved safety
  • Reduced inventory holdings
  • No downtime = Cost savings

LINC Systems can help you streamline production with the right tools, fasteners, supplies and expert advice. We offer:

  • Fasteners & Tooling Recommendations
  • Packaging Equipment & Supplies
  • Material & Application Analysis
  • Labor Reduction with Equipment Analysis
  • Product & Process Consultations
  • Industrial Supplies and Packing Products

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5. Achieve Safer Shipping of Furniture Products with High-Quality Packaging Materials

Product damage during shipment is a serious and expensive problem. Replacing damaged products inflates operating costs, doubles shipping costs, creates unhappy customers and puts even more strain on your already limited inventory. That’s why you want to ensure packaged items are not damaged, crushed or ruined in transit.

We recommend customized packaging options and materials to protect from dust, dirt and moisture and curb product damage during shipping, storage and transport.

Custom films for surface protection and specialty packaging solutions can eliminate damage to furniture, cabinetry and other millwork.

Woven polyester strapping is one example of a material advancement that may be a better fit than steel strap for your packaging needs. They are lightweight, cost-effective and as strong as steel but safer to handle.

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Choosing the best options for packaging, shipping and transporting goods can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why calling our team of packaging experts should be step one.

When you schedule a consultation with us, an expert will arrive onsite to evaluate your operations, provide detailed recommendations for improvements and develop customized solutions to your business needs.

For furniture applications, we offer a variety of packaging equipment, such as stretch wrappers, shrink wrappers and palletizers, and related supplies, including:

  • Corner protection
  • Custom films
  • Foam and inflatables
  • Polypropylene bags for large furniture items
  • Packaging seals and clips
  • Packaging tape
  • Polyester, polypropylene and woven strapping
  • Strapping tools
  • Staple crown requirement
  • Stretch film
  • Stretch wrappers

We’re not limited to one or two equipment and material manufacturers. We work with several of the best manufacturers on the planet, so we can identify the solution that is right for YOU.

A better solution is out there. You just need to know where to look. We can help.


6. Managing Expenses through Supplier Consolidation

Manufacturers of all sizes struggle with increased raw material prices, fluctuating supply shortages and market volatility. What’s your plan to manage operational costs?

Increase your purchasing power through supplier consolidation with LINC Systems.

By selecting a few choice vendors, you can often expect better pricing, freight, shipping and handling fees, and more personalized service. With fewer purchase orders to manage, you can also expect improved reporting on purchasing activity — helping you make better data-driven purchasing decisions.

Supplier consolidation is one way to streamline your supply chain and eliminate unnecessary expenses from managing multiple invoices. LINC Systems offers a one-stop shop for the products you use every day, such as:

  • Furniture and bedding fasteners
  • Fastening tools
  • Industrial packaging equipment
  • Stretch film and strapping
  • PPE and safety supplies
  • Industrial supplies
  • Marking and coding equipment

You can manage operational challenges even further when you bring in a consultant. We recommend reaching out to a LINC Systems industry expert. Once they evaluate your current state of operations, they can offer tailored recommendations on process and tooling improvements that can lead to better productivity, improved worker safety and greater profitability.

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7. Use Data to Make Better Business Decisions for Manufacturing of Home Furnishings

By gathering, tracking and analyzing data, furniture manufacturers can improve their operations, reduce costs, improve customer relationships and gain a competitive edge. Up-to-date and accurate data can help you with the following business activities:

  • Predictive maintenance
  • Demand forecasting
  • Supply chain management
  • Customer insights
  • Quality control

At LINC Systems, we see technology as an essential part of serving our customers and helping them to be as productive as possible. We implement industry-leading technology within our organization and in our customer relationships to provide a seamless, efficient experience.

This includes using advanced digital tools to make working with us simple and convenient. Our team works with top-of-the-line software, devices and connectivity for superb and informed customer communications and service.

In addition to providing product knowledge and cost and functionality breakdowns, we can often leave product samples for your team to get a hands-on feel of any product changes before the sale.

We help you understand your operational data, and have other customer-focused tools such as:

A new website with a comprehensive e-commerce platform. Our website lets customers quickly and conveniently search for product information, make online purchases and track orders.

Service LINC, which is a one-of-a-kind parts and tool service ticketing system. This system lets us understand the parts usage and tool data to serve our customers better.


8. Achieve Cost Savings through Improved Ergonomics

Another indirect way furniture manufacturers manage their supply chain needs and increase productivity is by improving tooling ergonomics.


Has your team ever struggled with challenges like these?
It’s so hard to apply fasteners inside tight spaces. I need a better solution.
How can I make more efficient repairs?
Why are my tools constantly jamming up?
How can I improve safety when working with hand-held tools?

There may be a better solution than your current tooling.


You may be able to improve efficiency and achieve labor savings in your furniture manufacturing operation by using a different line of tools. We have access to tooling manufacturers with a variety of lightweight tools, user-friendly machines and consistent and durable fasteners and application tools, including:

  • E-clips, hog rings, clinch clips, and spring anchor clips
  • Clinch clip tools
  • Clipping systems
  • Cutting tools
  • Ring tools
  • Stapling tools
  • Pneumatic tools
  • VRC machines
  • Safety products and more!

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9. Pneumatic Tool Safety Tips for Home Furnishing Manufacturers

Furniture manufacturers, builders and assembly often use tools powered by compressed air. Unlike traditional tools powered by electricity or gas, air tools have their own hazards associated with use.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), the most common occupational injuries that occur when using pneumatic tools are getting struck by one of the tool’s attachments or by nails, staples, rivets, or other fasteners used in the tool.

So, how likely are occupational nail gun injuries? Based on a study of apprentices, OSHA found that:

  • 2 out of 5 were injured using a nail gun during their four years of training
  • 1 out of 5 was injured twice
  • 1 out of 10 was injured three or more times

Don’t let this happen to your employees. Read our handy tips to improve your workplace.

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In addition to the physical dangers associated with the tool itself, there are additional safety concerns to consider. Many facilities require multiple shifts throughout the day. That means equipment and tools like pneumatic nailers, sanders, buffers or spray guns are used around the clock. Any defect or equipment failure due to overuse can lead to serious injuries, increased downtime and loss of production. Other risk factors include:

  • Accidental activation of the tool
  • Dangerous noise levels
  • Ergonomics
  • Improper securing of parts or attachments
  • Trip hazards from air hoses

Read all about the best ways to avoid situations like these by following step-by-step pneumatic tool maintenance best practices:

Learn more: 6 Steps to Better Pneumatic Air Tool Repair and Maintenance


10. Prioritizing Employee Safety Training and Tool Performance

LINC Systems offers repair services on all major brands of pneumatic and strapping tools for the highest level of performance. To ensure your pneumatic tools are in optimal condition, we provide regularly scheduled onsite tool repair services performed by trained technicians.

StaySafe! Safety Training for Pneumatic Tools

When was the last time you took a good look at your pneumatic tool safety program? Without regular hazard assessments, your business and your employees could be at risk. But with a proper air tool safety program, your company can experience increased safety awareness, fewer accidents and injuries, lower workers’ compensation costs and improved company morale.

With our Stay Safe! Safety Program, you can expect to receive:

  • A professional safety presentation on the safe use of pneumatic tools in and around the work site, given by one of our well-trained professionals.
  • A Safety Kit that includes posters, brochures, a video, and sign-in sheet.
  • A thorough evaluation and recommendations for improving pneumatic tool safety in your facility.
  • A copy of a digital record of all the employees who attend the safety training program. This record will also be stored in our Service LINC database in case it is ever needed in the future.
  • Catalog of our top recommended safety supplies and personal protective equipment.

Learn more: Stay Safe! Safety Training


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