5 Simple Ways For Manufacturers To Save On Packaging Costs

Date of post: September 27, 2021By: LINC Systems

Struggling with high supply prices? Looking for ways to cut costs in your manufacturing and packaging processes? While businesses wait for the market to stabilize, we share our top tips for saving money on your packaging needs.


1. Use Automated Stretch Wrappers


Manually wrapping your pallet loads may be costing you more than you think. Here are a few ways that automated stretch wrappers can cut costs and increase productivity in your facility:

hand stretch wrapping

a. Material Cost Savings: Semi-automated or fully automated stretch wrappers can pre-stretch film material by 250% or more. So, for each foot of stretch film you would normally use wrapping by hand, you could cover three-and-a-half times that amount with automation. Those savings really add up when you consider the cost of stretch material per load.

b. Labor Cost Savings: Manual wrapping takes up worker time that could be spent elsewhere. Automated stretch wrappers increase productivity and allow your workers to focus on other revenue-generating production tasks.

c. Better Load Containment: Not only is manual wrapping time-consuming, it leaves room for human error. Automated stretch wrappers can improve the reliability and containment of each load, saving on product damage or injury.

d. Improved Worker Safety: Manually wrapping a load is physically demanding. Automated stretch wrappers can improve worker safety by removing injury risks common with hand wrapping pallet loads, including overexertion, cuts and lacerations.

e. Improved Customer Relationships
A better wrapped pallet leads to fewer damaged loads, increased customer satisfaction and increased repeat business.

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2. Choose the Right Strapping for Your Needs


Ready to rethink your strapping needs? When packaging loads for transport and delivery, there are better options than heavy and expensive steel strap. With the help of science and technology, new strapping options are more cost-effective, lighter, stronger and safer for your employees. For instance, polypropylene strapping options are ideal for light-to-medium applications, while polyester woven strapping can be used for heavy loads.

When selecting the right strapping material for you, consider the load’s weight, size and dimensions as well as the annual strap and seal costs, shipping requirements and load value.

Strapping material, hand strapping    

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3. Swap Out Steel Strapping for Woven Polyester Strapping


Woven polyester strapping is a cost-effective solution that can be used in place of steel strap. Because it has no sharp edges and no expensive machinery required for application, woven polyester offers workers better ergonomics and decreased risk of injury. In addition to being easier to apply and remove, there are fewer expenses associated with storage and handling than with bulky steel.

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4. Use the Right Protective Packaging


When considering a product’s packaging requirements, there are two questions to ask yourself. One, what’s the product value? And two, how likely is the product to get damaged? To safeguard your packages against damage during shipping and handling, we recommend using the following protective packaging options:

a. Corner protection adds extra protection during shipping and storage, while reinforcing boxes for increased durability.

b. Paper filler is a lightweight and cost-effective protective packaging solution that can accommodate a variety of different packaging shapes and sizes.

c. Foam-in-place conforms to the shape of the item and eliminates product shift and vibration during transport — an important detail when shipping delicate items like ceramic and spare parts.

d. Inflatables protect items during the shipment process, acting as an air cushion to help resist movement and vibration during transport.

protective packaging  

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5. Implement a Printer and Label System


Packaging labels are critical to your operation. Not only do markings identify product information, they offer traceability throughout the entire supply chain. Selecting the wrong label option can lead to decreased barcode readability, decreased placement accuracy or inconsistent markings — costing you time and money. Whether you use direct printing technology or labels, consider the package’s base requirements before selecting the printing option that’s right for you. Not sure what labeling solution is right for your business, consider these two distinctions:

a. Label printing offers high resolution, high barcode grades, high contrast and easier positioning for enhanced readability.

b. Direct print technology can be 10x more cost-effective than printed labels due to reduced operator error, less downtime, flexibility and speed of application.

inkjet printing, barcode printing    

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