Everwin Tool Guide for Structural Building and Housing Components Manufacturers

Date of post: May 16, 2024By: LINC Systems

Housing and structural building component manufacturers have been struggling to keep up due to shifting demand. It’s not a lack of customers or supply constraints holding them back. It’s labor shortages that appear to have no end in sight. With a limited labor pool, manufacturers are looking for alternative ways to increase production rates, without compromising quality.  

Another issue facing many wall, panel and truss manufacturers is customers’ changing design needs. Despite high interest rates and building costs, there is a growing niche of buyers looking to build custom homes, ones that stretch the limits of engineering and design. These cutting-edge designs test engineers and builders as they figure out how to adapt to different building materials and fastener requirements while still meeting building codes for safety and performance.  

The LINC team is here to support your efforts.  

LINC Systems provides wall, panel and truss manufacturers with the fasteners, fastening tools, packaging solutions, industrial products and expertise they need to achieve the highest level of success, no matter what challenges are in the way. Our decades of industry experience combined with trusted partnerships help you improve production rates, job quality and worker safety. We offer:  

> Expert process and product consultation

> Industry-specific fastener and tool selection

> Consultations for material changes Industry code compliance

> Onsite tool repair and technical support

> Onsite safety programs

> One-stop source for PPE, packaging, fastening and industrial supply

Want to increase housing component production and improve quality in your lines? LINC Systems has specialized automated solutions, tools and services to make it happen. Call 800-513-9918 to learn more.  



Pairing the Right Tooling for Automation in Housing Component Manufacturing 


Want to increase housing component production and improve quality in your lines? LINC Systems has specialized automated solutions, tools and services to make it happen.  

For production line efficiency, you need tools and equipment you can count on, especially with the current limited labor pools. Automated equipment and specialized tooling offer advantages that include higher production rates, more efficient use of materials, better product quality, improved safety, less waste, fewer downtime events and better lead times. 

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Don’t have automated systems in place but looking toward the future?  

LINC Systems collaborates with engineers at automation manufacturers like Triad and Panels Plus to design the best installation of fastener tools on their machines.  

We also partner with pneumatic experts like Everwin to provide machine builders with the fastening tools, triggers, valving, mounts and accessories they need to create the modular solutions you expect. Everwin produces 3-D models of their tooling options, complete with specifications, to allow engineers to spec out the appropriate fit and performance. LINC also carries their line of specialized tooling and accessories for increased production including their preferred industrial pneumatic tools, higher capacity magazines and other specialty accessories to help optimize component manufacturing.  

Together, we analyze your operations to design solutions that are plug-and-play and ready to go.  

With LINC Systems, you get a team of consultative experts at your side to ensure you have the right tools, automated machines and fasteners for your specialized needs.  

Not only is LINC Systems your one-stop shop for fasteners and fastening tools; we are also your source for packaging, industrial supplies and PPE. 


Everwin Line of Pneumatic Tooling for Structural Building Components 

The structural component industry relies heavily on precision, speed and quality to meet the demands of modern construction projects. Everwin is a niche tool provider for the structural building component industry and manufactures rugged, long-lasting tooling for wall panel and truss construction, along with triggers, mounts and other accessories. Powered by compressed air, Everwin tools are ergonomic, lightweight and durable, delivering consistent performance in the most demanding environments.

Our partnership with Everwin includes access to their trusted tool lineup:  

> Staplers with Long Magazines

> Medium Crown Staplers with Long Magazines

> Coil Nailers with Hi-Load Magazine

> Tray Framing Nailers with Long Magazine

> Metal Connector Nailers

The LINC Advantage

Need fasteners you can rely on? LINC Systems provides expert consultation on the durable tools and quality fasteners for your application, conditions and environment.
We offer: 

Premium Pro-Drive Nails for stronger, more secure connections

Extensive experience in fastener and tooling selection for the housing component industry (Collated, coil, strip for framing, trusses, wall panels, subfloor, siding and roofing)  

Wide selection of top-rated pneumatic tools, hand tools and specialty tools  

 Custom Applications for Hand-Held and Machine Mounted Nailers and Staplers

Not all jobs are created equally. Whether it’s attaching framing elements, sheathing or trusses, Everwin nailers and staplers deliver accurate and durable fastening, reducing manual effort and increasing productivity. Additionally, Everwin invests customer input and thought into the tools they manufacture, including safety-related mechanisms for improved worker safety and handling.  

These are just a few examples of Everwin’s custom tooling, components and accessories to accommodate your specific applications:  

> Depth of Drive Kits (“Tool-Free” for frequent application changes and “Set and Lock” for less changes/more demanding work)  

> Auxiliary Handles (secondary handles for two-handed operation and Walking Stick Extension for longer reach)  

> Tool Suspension (for flat or vertical workstations, cable sets without eyelets for more mobility)  

> Standard Valve Options (including auto-fire valves and sequential kits)  

> Remote Valves (for machine-mounted tools, trigger block, actuation options include positive, negative and electric)

> Air Flow Upgrades (volume extenders for higher pressure, prevents stair stepping of fasteners, high-flow end caps)  

> High-Capacity Magazine Kits (less reloading in high-volume applications)  

> Standard Magazine Assemblies (fully assembled for machine-mounted or hand-held tools, resulting in less downtime)

> Fastener Driving Guides (for accurate fastener placement in high-volume applications)  

> Machine-Mounted Tools (various models for machine-mounted, hand-held tools)  

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Service Above & Beyond from LINC Systems 


Are you looking to consolidate and streamline your purchases with a vendor you can trust? We do more than sell tooling and fasteners, we support your shop and safety needs with quick order turnaround, vendor managed inventory, and specialized on-site service through our Service LINC program.  

> On-site consultations for process and tool improvements

> Consultations for material changes Industry-specific fastener and tool selection

> On-site tool and equipment repair by experienced techs to minimize downtime

> Customizable preventative maintenance schedules

> Contract programs on preferred brands

> Rapid Repair

> Tool Repair and Service Program

> Detailed cost analysis and asset tracking

Want more options? With LINC Systems, you aren’t tied down to one manufacturer. We have long-term partnerships with the most trusted names in industrial tooling and fasteners around the world. That means you get the solution that’s right for your unique structural component building needs.

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Taking Safety a Step Further 

Create a safer and more productive workplace with LINC Systems. We take your safety seriously and offer extensive pneumatic tool safety training, site evaluations and recommendations to improve safety awareness in your worksite. LINC Systems customers receive a thorough safety presentation on pneumatic tool use in and around the worksite, safety kits, evaluation and recommendations for improved safety and a digital record of trainings.  

Schedule Your FREE Safety Training  

LINC Systems is here with the tools and advice you need to work safely and efficiently. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an on-site consultation for automating your production line or improving safety in your facility, please click here to contact us. Or give us a call at 800-513-9918.  

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