Case Study: How An A&D Checkweigher Reduces Labor Costs & Errors, And Improves Quality

Date of post: December 17, 2020By: Ed Moss

Using weight as a unit for trade is the most basic of measurements. As technology has influenced the way businesses produce and account, it has also influenced the capabilities of weighing – and the ways it can be incorporated into modern manufacturing processes and procedures. A checkweigher can help organizations reduce costly fines and save on materials, ultimately leading to greater productivity and an improved bottom line.

What is a Checkweigher?

A&D 4961 600g Checkweigher

Checkweighers are automated packaging systems that ensure both the consumer and manufacturer are protected with quality products and accurate counts. Consumers are assured they are receiving items as specified on the label, and manufacturers are assured that their products contain accurate quantities of parts or raw materials.
Checkweighers can be used in the following production areas: processing line, primary packaging process, secondary packaging process and case packing.

Checkweighers can also have an impact on production processes such as:

  • Quality control – detecting parts that are rejects and checking for missing instructions or leaflets.
  • Weight control – assuring that the exact weight is put in the packaging and not overfilled with expensive items or ingredients. They can also check density or volume of mixtures.
  • Packaging tolerances – Ensure the products fit in wrappers with specific dimensions.
  • Meet specific federal regulations, such as U.S. Food & Drug (FDA) regulations where food items must fall within finite weight parameters.

Benefits of A&D Checkweighers

A&D's checkweigher solutions are accurate and dependable for industries from food and beverage to pharmaceutical to chemical, and for various product sizes, shapes and weights. Increase quality control and reduce waste with in-motion checkweighers that are customized to your application, environment and legal requirements.

Integrating an A&D checkweigher directly into your end-of the-line process helps you save time and money and improve quality control. Each product is inspected, so you can avoid fines from order rejects.

With A&D checkweighers’ microbalances, analytical and precision balances, as well as industrial bench scales, you can accelerate the efficiency and quality of your production process. The more quality product you produce and the fewer returns you have, the greater your profits.

Case Study: A&D Checkweighers

One of our customers provides a good case study in how the successful integration of an A&D checkweigher in their production line allowed them to experience a decrease in labor, an increase in the quality of their products, and a savings of $60,000 from catching misprints.

The Problem

Our customer provided their customers with a kit that included a printed manual with a tool. After the items were shrink-wrapped together, the manual would be sent to quality control, which required inspection by four employees. Despite an inspection that involved four people, many manuals still had missing inserts or pages and were not flagged. This resulted in poor quality products being shipped to customers, a 15% return of bad products, and $60,000 loss in misprints.

The Solution

Due to its measurement precision to 1g, our customer integrated our A&D 6kg checkweigher into their production line. With the ability of the checkweigher to measure down to the single page of their manuals, they were able to ensure that all products assembled were of the highest quality. Replacing their quality-control line with a checkweigher decreased their labor costs, as well as the number of misprints and returns, resulting in significant savings.

The Results

Adding an A&D checkweigher to their end-of-line process, our customer was able to reallocate labor, ship higher-quality products, and prevent money loss on misprints. The checkweigher freed four employees from conducting quality control, allowing them to apply that labor to a different area on the factory floor.

After adding automation, they improved quality control and weeded out manual kits that were missing inserts or pages, saving the company over $60,000. Our customer saw an overall increase in quality of the products being assembled, as well as a decrease in product returns.

Select the Right Checkweigher for Your Application

We offer checkweighers based on application, including smaller models that handle 400 pieces/minute or models that handle 6,000g capacity.
Determine which checkweigher could diminish costly fines and increase productivity.

600g Checkweigher
With best-in-class precision and a unique modular design under 3 feet, the A&D 600g Checkweigher can process up to 400 pieces per minute to improve efficiency in your process. This model has the perfecting precision for applications in food and beverage, such as specialty candies. Produce more packages with the cost savings and speed that our 600g Checkweigher can provide to your line.

A&D 600g Checkweigher

6kg Checkweigher
Meet your needs with the highly efficient A&D 6kg Checkweigher. The modular design is compact, saving space on your factory floor without slowing down your production line. It provides a full product inspection and kicks out the rejects to avoid costly fines. Your production will be maximized with the checkweigher’s ability to process up to 145 pieces per minute with 1g +/- accuracy.

A&D 6kg Checkweigher

Don’t know which checkweigher is right for your application?
Check out our all models and contact us to get insight from a skilled representative today!

A&D experts can help you determine the return on investment by using their checkweighers in the packaging industry. Learn How

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