How To Perfect Protective Packaging

Date of post: October 28, 2020   By: Ed Moss

Every valuable product set to ship needs  “Perfect Protective Packaging”.  There are 2 questions to ask yourself about a product’s packaging: 

1. What is the value of the product? 

2. What are your expectations of damage to the product? 

Our main forms of protective packaging solutions come from top-rated brands such as Storopack, Laminations, Pregis, and Automated Packaging Systems. There are multiple types of protective packaging when considering how to ship your product:

Corner Protection
To safeguard your products during the shipping, handling, and storing process, we provide corner board from Laminations that has been Amazon-Certified. Protection includes VBoard, NotchBoard, and UChannel which all serve different applications, with the same purpose of getting your product to your consumer with no dings or dents. Each type provides extra protection on your shipments and extra savings, but can be geared toward specific applications.

  • VBoard is the ideal solution to reinforce boxes, which can be applied
    inside or outside of the box to help ensure products arrive safely.
  • NotchBoard can be used for any custom packaging application
    because of the 90-degree flexibility that can be quickly folded for maximum protection.
  • UChannel is mainly used for three-sided edge protection for windows
    and doors, including garage doors, and can be formed into a wide variety of widths and lengths.
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We ensure that your product can withstand harsh conditions with our products from Laminations and their International Safe Transit Association (ISTA) 6 Certification and Service, and Amazon's Frustration-Free Packaging Guidelines. Laminations puts each e-commerce package and pallet through a certification process to check its integrity of vibrations, inclines, drops, and compression that it will experience through its delivery channel. In their ISTA 6 Testing and Certification Lab, they use vibration boards, fork trucks, and impact testers to see what alterations may be needed for each package. If needed after testing, extra modifications are added, such as VBoard, NotchBoard, or UChannel, to ensure maximum protection of the product and that it shows up in one piece on your customer's doorstep. When the final product shows up to your customer, you want it to show a positive reflection on your company. With the ISTA 6 Testing and Certification Services that are used on our protective e-commerce packaging, you do not have to worry about your product being delivered in a different condition than when it left your line. Our protection will provide you with package integrity and help the customer associate a positive reputation with your company.

Paper protective packaging is used as a cost-effective protective packaging solution and it can accommodate a variety of different shapes and sizes while shipping. Depending upon the type of converting machine you have, you can make speedy, light-weight paper filler for small or medium products or you can make large, cushion pads for bigger or heavier items.  Another plus to paper protective packaging is the recyclable materials, leaving a positive feeling on your protective packaging. Paper protection can be used for heavy-weight or light-weight items, such as electronics, ceramics, glass, spare parts, and more.

Foam in Place
Foam-in-place is used for delicate items where no product shifting during shipping is allowed, like fragile items or items of high value. Foam-in-place packaging is created when the user fills a liner bag with chemicals, the chemicals are activated and the foam begins to form around the product, molding perfectly to its dimensions. Foam in place protection can be the solution for your ceramics, spare parts, and more with its ability to resist against shock, vibrations, and compaction.

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Lastly, air cushions are one of the most versatile of all the types of protective packaging and the benefit is that they save space.  Air cushions come on a roll and are inflated “on-demand” or when the user is ready to package their product. They come in many different configurations and sizes which allows for use in a variety of different applications. You can alter the number of air chambers per film to accommodate for packages of different shapes and sizes. Inflatable protection can be used to resist goods from vibrations and movement during the shipping process, which can include sensitive products such as glass, or simple products like small boxes and cartons.

Protective Packaging in Action
Whether it is a fragile product or just a fragile gift, Storopack has the perfect protective packaging. Based on a packaging expert’s personal experience, we can ensure that your product will arrive to your customer just as it left the warehouse.

Our colleague has received fragile gifts in years past that has noticeably effective packaging. Included in these fragile gifts were glass and food items that need proper protection for shipping. Due to the protection provided by Storopack PAD LOC and Storopack AirPlus, the product arrived in a pristine and compact way. The versatile protective packaging that Storopack offers was the necessary choice for a shipment like this because it was able to fill the necessary gaps that would keep the products from breaking. Storopack creates protective packaging that can handle any shipping job because of the increased benefits.

PAD LOC combines film, air, and loose fill to create a cushioning pad that offers: 

  • 25% savings over high-density foam
  • 50% savings over die-cut urethane and
    other pre-formed custom packaging materials
  • Lower shipping costs
  • Fast production
  • Lower inventory cost
  • No-mar surface protection
  • Controlled use-controlled costs
  • No messy clean up
  • Reusable up to 20 times
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AIRplus specifically offers quality machines that create versatile air-filled film packaging materials.  This product provides cushion for the product, fills voids, and can “block and brace” (hold heavy items or single objects in place inside the box).  The AIRplus Protective Packaging System is effective, low-cost, sustainable, and easy. 

  • Portable and compact for easy integration into single or multiple packing stations
  • Reliable operation
  • Run all size AIRplus square bags on any AIRplus machine
  • Its strength and durability offer reliable protection for your products
  • Saves storage expense plus the light weight keeps your shipping costs down
  • The custom print on these AIRplus pillows was a very nice touch 

To find more protective packaging solutions to fit your specific application, visit our e-commerce site or contact us! We have a plethora of options to choose from, and they will all ensure a safe shipping process for your products! 

Ed Moss is the Vice President of Packaging Sales for LINC Systems.

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