Q&A With Everwin's Rudy Canlas

Date of post: October 4, 2020By: Mike Butler

Everwin is known for innovation and quality products. Tell us a bit about the company’s evolution, from its humble beginnings to today’s global footprint.

Rudy Canlas: We started very small and gradually grew to what we are today. Everwin’s President Lester Chuang and I attended Stafda in 2012 with only two tools inside a backpack to show potential customers. Now, Everwin has an array of almost 100 various models to cater to different segments of the pneumatic fastening business. Today, our team has a combined 150 years of industry experience including research and development, quality control, engineering consultation and sales management. This year alone, we grew 20% during the first half of the year and now distribute in 46 countries.    

everwin stapler

Everwin gets many requests for specialty tools and tool modifications. Can you offer an example of how you can modify a tool to conform with a customer’s needs or application?

Canlas: We make specialty tools for a variety of applications, but can also modify tools to help customers with very specific needs. A user will often ask us for a modification on a tool. Once we review the need and determine if the modification is feasible, we get to work. One example of a tool modification is what we call a “walking stick.” It’s essentially an attachment we create to improve ergonomics by eliminating the need for a user to bend over while using the tool.

Tool development is a critical component of Everwin’s management team. How do you determine what the market is looking for?  

Canlas: In addition to laboratory testing, we perform field testing. We believe the user is the real expert, not us. They are the ones who will use the tools every day. It’s their livelihood. So, we manufacture a few tools and distribute them through the United States, mainly the Northeast, Midwest and West coast regions. We ask that the user puts the tools through its paces and provides us with feedback on performance and handling. We sift through that feedback, looking for any negative ones and that’s where we work to improve the product prior to production. We design solutions to fit their needs.

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As a preferred LINC Systems supplier, what can customers expect from Everwin in terms of support?  

Canlas: Industrial distributors are very knowledgeable, but sometimes they do have questions about a particular tool. In those instances, sometimes they ask that we go to a customer location or speak to their sales and service team. We’ve also received requests to do a demonstration or offer training to their staff. They can call me anytime, whether it’s the president of the company or a service professional. Personally, I have over 35 years of pneumatic engineering experience and most of the time I can answer questions instantly. But sometimes I do not have the accurate answer. Together with my Everwin colleagues, we can find the right answer and I will get back to my customer. I am available to help anytime.

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