Expert Tips On Choosing Custom Packaging Film

Date of post: May 30, 2023By: LINC Systems

You have unlimited solutions for packaging, shipping and transporting goods — glass jars, aluminum cans and bulky cardboard. But what about when you need an option that performs outside the box? That’s when you turn to a partner that can provide custom solution designed specifically for your packaging needs.


Custom packaging film is a fairly standard flexible packaging option for a variety of products. Whether you need to extend the shelf life of a food item or you need a safe and hygienic way to transport medical supplies, there is a packaging film to meet your operational needs.

Examples of custom packaging film include:

  • Sheet liners
  • Plastic bags
  • Barrier bags
  • Re-closable zipper bags
  • Hot fill and chill packaging
  • Pallet covers
  • Laminating films
  • Coating films
  • Ready-to-Pack shipping mailers
  • Embossed films and bagging
  • Stand up pouches
  • Printed film

What are the Benefits of Using Custom Packaging Film?

Custom film is just that; its form and function are dependent solely on the needs of your operation. It can be thinner, stronger, or more durable. It can be flexible, stackable or resealable. What does this mean for your business? It means there are countless ways to optimize your operations with products that can perform better and save you money in the long run. Devising a solution with a partner that carries a wide variety of custom film options and manufacturers allows for the creation of the optimal solution for your company.

The experts on the LINC team have helped customers experience these benefits:

Achieve Cost Savings: Custom packaging film is more lightweight and flexible compared to glass or aluminum, resulting in lower material and shipping costs. Additionally, because packaging film can be customized to meet product dimensions and handling requirements, it results in less product damage, saving money in returns and rework.

Reduce Environmental Impact: Using packaging film customized for your product needs can reduce waste and your company’s impact on the environment. Some manufacturers of custom film incorporate recycled polyethylene resins into the film and reuse material that would otherwise end up in a landfill. Custom packaging film requires less material to produce and because it’s lightweight, requires less fuel to ship.

Improve Throughput and Performance: Manufacturers may choose material blends that provide a better seal when used on automated equipment. Some custom film products have independent inner and outer layers of material that can be differentiated on a needs base for better strength and durability.

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Why LINC Systems for Custom Packaging Film and Other Flexible Packaging Solutions?

Our team of packaging experts has over 100 years of packaging experience. When you schedule a consultation with us, an expert will arrive on-site to evaluate your operations, provide detailed recommendations for improvements and develop customized solutions to your business needs.

We’re not limited to one or two equipment and material manufacturers. We work with several of the best manufacturers on the planet, so we can identify the solution that is right for YOU.

A better solution is out there. You just need to know where to look. We can help.



What Industries Use Custom Packaging Film and Why?

Custom packaging films are ideal for specialty applications and custom printing, including for branding and identification purposes. Custom films are often used as flexible packaging solutions within industries such as food and beverage, agriculture, building and construction, banking and security, chemical plants, automotive, hardware manufacturing, energy and industrial markets as well as consumer markets.

Here are some examples of industry use cases:

Automotive and Hardware

One of the most common polyethylene products for the automotive industry is the VCI (Volatile Corrosion Inhibitor) rust inhibitor bag. VCI is a material that protects metal car parts, hardware and other products from rust and other types of damage that can occur due to humidity and other moisture sources in the environment. VCI rust inhibitor bags provide a tight seal that prevents the internal products and materials from rusting and corrosion without using messy oil or grease coatings.

Food Industry

When choosing a bag for food storage and shipping, it's imperative that your customer’s product is puncture-resistant, tear-resistant and leak-resistant, as well as able to keep food fresh. For this reason, we recommend food processing plants use food-grade polyethylene or polypropylene bags and film. Some great examples of food-related products that can benefit from custom film and bagging are pizza crust wraps and meat and poultry packaging.

Manufacturing Industry

When shipping items, you want to ensure packaged items are not damaged, crushed or ruined in transit. Pallet covers used in industrial manufacturing applications are one such example of a custom film solution. Construction films and gaylord box liners (polyethylene films that fit inside a box and are used to cover the bottom and sides of a container) are two other common solutions.

Ecommerce and Ecommerce Distribution Industry

These industries require various types of packaging solutions. One such example of a custom film in action is when film is converted into mailer bags of various shapes and sizes.

Other examples include:

  • Pet Food Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Household Products
  • Agricultural
  • Banking and Security
  • Chemical and Energy Plants
  • Building and Construction

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12 Things to Consider When Choosing Custom Packaging Film

Having difficulty determining what film is right for your packaging operations? We recommend considering the following:

  1. What are your company’s sustainability goals and expectations?
  2. Is consumer convenience a factor when choosing a packaging solution?
  3. Are you looking for an attractive solution to showcase your brand?
  4. What are your industry requirements and regulations?
  5. Do you have print requirements?
  6. What are your operational goals?
  7. Are you looking to improve your current packaging process?
  8. What environment and conditions will your packaging be exposed to?
  9. Do you have any hot or cold requirements for your packaging?
  10. Does your packaging solution require barrier properties?
  11. Are you looking for a solution with sealing and re-sealing capabilities?
  12. What are your storage and transportation needs?

We can walk you through the selection process. Connect with a packaging expert today.


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