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Date of post: April 13, 2023By: LINC Systems

Industry: Wall Panel, Framing and Truss Suppliers

Companies: Builders First Source, Simonson Lumber and Grizzly Truss

Sales Representative: Ben Anderson, Minnesota Territory Manager at LINC Systems

Whether you manufacture roof and floor trusses, wall panels or framing systems, LINC Systems is your total solution for service and support.

We provide structural building component manufacturers with the fasteners, fastening tools, packaging solutions, industrial products and expertise you need to achieve the highest level of success. Our years of industry experience help you improve production rates, job quality and worker safety.

Our partnerships with major equipment manufacturers like Triad and Panels Plus allow us the capability to ensure your automated solutions, fastening tools, specialized tooling and accessories work together seamlessly.



  • Expert process and product consultation
  • Industry-specific fastener and tool selection
  • Consultations for material changes
  • Industry code compliance
  • Onsite tool repair
  • Onsite safety programs
  • One-stop source for PPE, packaging, fastening and industrial supply

Here are just a few examples of how LINC Systems helps building component suppliers choose the right tools and fasteners to save time and money, while improving quality for their customers.


Success Stories



Builders First Source - Timber Roots

Builders First Source (BFS) is the nation’s largest supplier of structural building products, value-added components and services to new construction and remodeling professional contractors. The Timber Roots Distribution Center serves building material stores throughout the Midwest with the best in building materials.

BFS Timber Roots was experiencing problems driving 2-¾" nails into headers, so they switched to 3” nails, but that created more work for line operators when they had to stop production to hammer nail heads. Not only was this time consuming, but the 2-¾" nails they were using were special order, expensive and had increasingly long lead times.

Ben Anderson, Minnesota Territory Manager at LINC Systems recommended a tooling switch from a Paslode F350S Framing Nailer to Everwin FSN3490. They were then able to use a standard 3” nail without issue. Now they can use an in-stock nail, saving time during production and reducing material costs by 23.75%.



Simonson Lumber

Simonson Lumber is a family-owned lumber expert that serves contractors and homeowners with a broad spectrum of building materials including components, trusses, decking materials, roofing materials and windows.

Expert Tooling Advice

Simonson Lumber’s truss division added a new wall panel line in 2021. Their LINC Systems representative, Ben Anderson was called in to lend his expertise and tooled the line with extended magazine Paslode F350S framing nailers and assisted with the installation. Simonson had also ordered a bridge for screwing exterior gypsum sheathing for commercial projects. LINC Systems was able provide all the associated tooling and fasteners for this tooling conversion.

Steel Strap Conversion

Simonson had begun experiencing problems with steel strapping they were using in their lumberyards. During job site deliveries, the strapping would occasionally break. Anderson recommended switching from steel strap to woven strapping that provided better safety and security, while saving 10-15% in annual material costs.

Better Product Selection

Simonson had been experiencing increased downtime and tool failure due to nail jams on their tooling. LINC System was able to identify a better nail option with a coating to reduce friction and aid in lubrication, reducing the frequency of a nail jamming in the tool. While the new nail was a more expensive option than the previous fastener, Simonson was able to save time in labor and production costs, eliminate unnecessary downtime and reduce tool and machine maintenance costs.



Grizzly Truss Fabricators

Grizzly Truss Fabricators is a family-owned lumber yard, truss plant and wall panel plant, providing high-quality trusses to northern Minnesota since 1972. Their specialties include a full-service retail lumber yard as well as manufacturing commercial, residential and agricultural wood trusses and wall paneling.

Timely Product Sourcing

Grizzly Truss Fabricators receives a regular request about once a year for 3-1/4” x .131 Premium Pro-Drive large coil nails to be used in certain wall panel applications. Due to the infrequency and low quantity of this order, the company doesn’t hold it in stock. However, LINC Systems representative, Anderson realized that LINC Systems stocks these particular nails in New York for another customer. LINC Systems has a trusted relationship with this account and, as a result, this customer was willing to part with some of them to help fulfill the order for Grizzly Truss.

Grizzly Truss is a valued customer to LINC Systems. To help insulate them from supply shortages in the future, our purchasing department placed a follow-up order for these nails and held them. When Grizzly Truss found out LINC Systems had them in stock on their most recent order, their reply was “You guys are the best!”

About LINC Systems

For over 35 years, LINC Systems has been providing industrial manufacturers with expert advice and time and money saving solutions for their valued customers. LINC provides fastening products, pneumatic tools, automated packaging solutions and industrial supplies for a variety of industries and offers tool repair, equipment installation and safety training to help business work safely and productively.

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