Introducing Big Timber Construction Fasteners

Date of post: March 21, 2024


WESTFIELD, IN — March 21, 2024 — LINC Systems is proud to announce our partnership with Big Timber Construction Fasteners, our newest supplier of professional-grade structural fasteners. 

Mountain-tested, these specialty screws and bits are perfect for the construction of sheds, trusses, pallets, crates, wall panels, and cabinets. They are also ideal for the manufactured, prefabricated and modular home industries. Their rugged construction and mid-tier price make them a great option for use on large timbers, railway trestles, log cabins as well as marine dock and deck installations.  

Carpenters find these easier and faster to work with since no pre-drilling is necessary. And end users are happy with the stronger, more durable construction due to the corrosion resistance of Big Timbers’ structural screws. Big Timber screws are manufactured to their specifications in ISO 9002 quality certified mills and factories and obtain excellent results in salt spray tests in comparison to competitors with similar coating.  

See the notable difference between Big Timber’s BTX 9x3” Bronze Coating screws (#1) and the competitors’ offerings with similar coatings after 2,064 hours of salt spray testing. 

Big Timber originated as a buying organization (Western Builders Supply) by a group of independent lumber yard owners. Today their customer base is still independently owned building material dealers, so they understand the need to meet customer demand for premium brands at affordable prices.

Using the right tool will make or break your project’s outcome. LINC Systems and Big Timber have the right fasteners and tools to make any construction project a success.

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