Accounts Receivable

Yes, please contact our customer service or AR department and we can supply you with a form with all the needed info.

We accept ACH, EFT and Wire payments, please make sure your system is set to send a payment remittance to ar@lincsystems.com per the instructions.

We do accept credit card for these, but we add a 3% credit card processing fee on top of the invoice total. Check payment is preferred.

Yes, please send us a tax exemption form and we will update your account.

There is a USPS forward on the old address, unfortunately it will take 30-45 days to arrive. Some cases, it is best to reissue the check to the correct address.

LINC Systems
P. O. Box 88894
Milwaukee, WI 53288

Once a completed credit application is submitted, our standard billing terms are Net 30.

Customer Service

All orders received before 2PM ship same day.

We provide tracking information on all our invoices.

(317) 399-3101 or (800) 330-5481.

Mon – Fri 8:00am – 5:00pm Eastern Std Time.

Bostitch, DuoFast, Paslode, Omer, BeA, Hitachi, Spotnail, Everwin, Fasco, Pam, and Quick Drive.


Our corporate headquarters is in Westfield, IN. We have distribution centers in High Point, NC, Westfield, IN and New Windsor, NY.

No. Pneumatic Tool Oil is what to use in nail and staple guns such as a framing nailer or pneumatic upholstery stapler. It is detergent free and helps keep tools running longer between needing repairs. Air Tool Oil is for tools such as an impact wrench a mechanic’s shop or air powered screwdriver in a manufacturing plant. These oils have detergent in them and will break down the rubber o-rings that could cause tool failure sooner. Best practice is to use the manufacturer’s pneumatic tool oil in their tools. We know that is not always possible so just make sure it is a detergent free pneumatic tool oil.

No. Use Paslode Cordless Tool oil only. It is formulated specifically to handle the mini explosion (combustion) of gas in the chamber and not react with the spark. Though it is highly unlikely pneumatic tool oil will cause a bigger combustion explosion, always err on the side of caution and use only Paslode Cordless Tool Oil.

That depends upon how heavily they are use. Regular maintenance of your tools will ensure they are performing at optimal levels and will help give them a longer life, both will help reduce your overall operating costs for your business. Most manufacturers recommend cleaning after X number of fasteners being shot. We know people aren’t counting the fasteners being shot out of a tool and recommend cleaning the tool at least once every 1-2 months, depending upon use.

If the tool is starting to skip fasteners, double shoot, etc., or if it is covered in dirt or fine sawdust particles, it’s time to have it cleaned and/or repaired.

That can vary depending on tool size, usage, volume of fasteners being driven, etc. Tools should be oiled, at the very least, once in the morning, or before every shift. The volume of fasteners being shot will also help determine how often to oil a tool. We recommend 10-15 drops of oil for large, “high volume” tools such as framing nailers or coil nailers that are being used all day every day. It may not hurt to use the same amount again in the afternoon. Smaller tools such as brad nailers or upholstery staplers we recommend 5-10 drops (depending upon size of the tool-the smaller the tool, the less oil typically needed) and can generally be oiled once in the morning on a construction site or in an industrial setting may have to be oiled throughout the day for high volume applications.

We are asking our tools to last longer in the field before replacing them. Also, the parts we have today are not the quality that they were years ago. Just like the parts they may purchase for in plant repairs, nothing is lasting as long as they use to.

No. We support several brands which are leaders in the industrial fastening industry. With larger coil nailers we have Everwin and Bostitch, smaller body tools we have BeA and Omer. We also have specialty tools with difference industries, i.e. Encore and Spotnail in the furniture and bedding industries. So Bostitch is one of many brands that we support.

Yes, the Territory Manager can get in the product that you need for trial and help with any R & D advice.

You can return standard stock items providing that product is in resalable condition as it was received. In some cases, there may be a 20% restocking charge. All non-stock special order items are not returnable.

Industrial accounts - $2000.00 for orders shipping directly our warehouse locations or full skid orders of like material, i.e. 1 skid of 1-3/4" nails. Spray Paint – 24 cases (144 cans)

Dealer accounts - $1000.00 shipping from our warehouse.

Not at this time but can supply the specific sell and info sheets from the manufacturers.

Fuel cells have a "Best Used By" date printed on the bottom of the can. A fuel cell will often work beyond that date, but if a tool starts to work intermittently it could be because the fuel cell has expired. An expired fuel cell has lost enough internal pressure to degrade its performance.


Yes, as long as the total is $2000

It's based on weight and distance

7-10 business days.

The manufactures have these for download on their websites. I can provide you with the link.

$2000, or 1 complete skid any particular nail or staple

Paslode, Bostitch, Everwin, and Spotnail


Westfield, IN?




Westfield, IN

2-3 Days if in stock

Depends. Most of the construction nails are made in North America. The pallet coil nails are made overseas.

All the major brands.


Good question! ( sometimes the answer is yes. Sometimes no. Depends on customer and situation.)

Question: How often should I oil my tools

Answer: 3 drops of oil per day

We have 3 warehouses;

  • New Windsor, Ny
  • High Point, NC
  • Westfield, Indiana

(more with RV Evans and Black Hawk)

Stocked items ship the same day as long as ordered by 2:00 PM


Contact your Sales Rep of Customer Service

Prodrive collated and industrial, BEA, Everwin, Bostitch, Stanley, DeWalt, Spotnails, Hitachi, Duo-Fast, Senco, Pam, Max, GRK, Rust-oleum, Jackson safety, 3M, Rubbermaid, Porter Cable, Freud, Diablo, Wood-Mizer, Lenox, Milwaukee, Makita, Brighton Best, Rolair, Suretape, Fromm, Zep, Coilhouse Pneumatics, Paslode, Signode

Two days

Yes we do tool repair and turn-around is about 2-3 days in the shop

At Linc Systems, it is Our Mission to Dream Big and Deliver Beyond Our Customers' Expectations. We are safety driven, offer smart technology, provide on-site repair service that is unparalleled, and have an amazing customer service team. We may not be the biggest, but we are the best at what we do.

Orders received by our customer service department by 2:00 p.m. will be processed the same day, after 2:00 p.m. orders will be processed by the following day. LINC Systems ships from several warehouses servicing various regions with a typical transit time of 1-2 days.


For different machines the lead time can vary. For smaller machines the build could possibly take 4- 8 Weeks. For larger systems with customizations they can take up to 22 weeks. The variations are dependent on the type of machine.

Our service technicians can work on any type of machine. They are highly skilled in full mechanical installations as well as programming a PLC and HMI. They attend annual training weeks provided our vendors for certifications. We often work on machines that we haven’t sold to our customers and machines we have sold and installed. We offer Preventative Maintenance programs, Retro fitting for machines and upgrades.

We offer any part for any machine whether we have sold the machine or not. We support and have parts for any type of machine. Also, we supply and stock full spare parts lists that we have sold and/or not sold.

We pride ourselves on having the best service team in the industry. We can work on any machine that is down and we do prioritize our service to assist quickly to these situations.

Human Resources

Today we have over 165 employees.

We still have several of those 22 employees with us today. Some have retired, but our average tenure is over 17 years.

Today we serve 32 states from the Atlantic Ocean to the heartland.

That depends on geography and location. Bottom line, there is not a location or a market that we cannot excel in.

Our people make the difference. We look for people with amazing character. This sets us miles apart from our competition.

Our core values of Character Development, Constant Improvement, Creating Loyalty and Efficiency are things we work on every day.