LINC Systems 2023 Sustainability Report

Date of post: April 22, 2024

LINC Systems is proud to announce the first annual 2023 Corporate Sustainability Report.

WESTFIELD, IN — April 22, 2024 — We have prepared and are presenting our first Sustainability Report that details our commitment to the long term benefit of the communities we live in and the customers serve. This report illustrates the material practices and strategy framework LINC Systems utilizes to ensure adherence to our desired outcomes with intent for year over year improvement in all sustainability metrics.  

LINC Systems is committed to protecting the health, safety, and environmental aspects of our employees, customers, and the communities in which we conduct business. As globally responsible corporate citizens, we are committed to exceeding the sustainability requirements of our stakeholders which includes complying with all applicable governmental regulations, and to conduct our business with LINC Systems Core Values. We will operate with constant improvement to our operations, procedures, and processes to enhance our overall environmental and safety performance. All our distribution facilities are focused on reduction of waste when possible, we recycle whenever possible, re-use packaging materials when possible, lower emissions with our LINC Express Program, and the consolidation of orders.  

We are proud of our 2023 initiatives and will continue our efforts in 2024.  

Check out the 2023 LINC Systems Sustainability Report

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LINC Systems is a leading distributor of fastening, industrial supply, and packaging solutions serving a broad range of industrial end-markets, including: pallet, furniture, agricultural manufacturing, automotive, housing, construction and general industrial.

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