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Whether you manufacture roof and floor trusses, wall panels or framing systems, LINC Systems is your total solution for service and support. We provide housing component manufacturers with the fasteners, fastening tools, industrial products and expertise you need to achieve the highest level of quality while improving production rates and worker safety.

LINC Systems offers:

  • Fasteners and Fastening Tools
  • Extended Magazines for Higher Capacity
  • High-Performance Pneumatic Tools
  • Corded and Cordless Power Tools
  • Triggers, Valves and Mounts
  • Polyester, Woven Strapping & Banding
  • Industrial Supply and MRO Solutions
  • Material Handling Supplies
  • Safety and PPE
  • Paint and Chemicals
  • Marking & Coding Equipment and Supplies
  • Industrial Packaging Equipment and Supplies

We offer the highest-quality brands, including but not limited to:

Housing Components Application

Application-Specific Advice for Housing Component Equipment, Wall Panel, Truss and Framing Industry


LINC Systems helps you maximize production output, reduce downtime and improve worker safety.

We partner with leading automated wall panel equipment and machine tool manufacturers for the housing construction industry like Triad and Panels Plus to design and install the fastening systems your housing component assembly requires. We also work with tool manufacturers to ensure uncompromised compatibility with valves, tooling and fasteners for your high production equipment.

Contact us to schedule an on-site evaluation with a LINC Systems expert who will walk through your current operations to identify opportunities for lower costs and higher profitability.

We work with you to:

  • Automate lines for increased production
  • Fine tune existing equipment
  • Adapt to material changes
  • Offer consulting services for increased compliance
  • Optimize end-of-the-line packaging systems for reliable delivery

Service Above & Beyond for Pre-Fabricated Housing Component Industry


We do more than sell tooling and fasteners, we support all of your shop and safety needs with quick order turnaround, vendor managed inventory, and specialized on-site service through our Service LINC program, which includes:

On-site consultations for automation, tool improvements and code compliance

On-site tool and equipment repair by experienced techs to minimize downtime

Customizable preventative maintenance schedules

Contract tool programs on preferred brands

Detailed cost analysis and asset tracking

Rapid Repair Tool Repair and Service Program


We provide fastening solutions to industry leaders like Panels Plus.


Watch the video below for a quick view of some of the solutions we provide.

Housing Components LINC Advantage

The LINC Advantage for Housing Component and Modular Construction


With over 20 years of extensive experience in your trade, LINC Systems is your partner for fastener and industrial supply. Our team takes a vested interest in the safety of your team and the functionality of your equipment. We have trusted partnerships with supply sources all over the world. This means you have timely access to the fasteners, supplies and solutions you need to maintain the highest level of quality and avoid costly shutdowns.

Increase productivity, lower costs and improve worker safety with LINC Systems today.

LINC Safety Training Posters


Safety & Training


Create a safer and more productive workplace with LINC Systems.
We take your safety seriously and offer extensive pneumatic tool safety training, site evaluations and recommendations.


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