Stay Safe! Safety Training

Stay Safe! Safety Training

With our Stay Safe! safety program, you can expect to receive:

  • A professional safety presentation on pneumatic tool use in and around the work site, that is given by one of our well-trained professionals.
  • A Safety Kit that includes posters, brochures, video, and sign-in sheet.
  • An evaluation and recommendations on improving pneumatic tool safety in your facility.
  • A copy of a digital record of all the employees who attend the safety training program. This record will also be stored in our Service LINC database in case it is ever needed in the future.
  • Catalog of our top recommended safety supplies and personal protective equipment.

Potential benefits of being safe in the workplace include:

  • Increased safety awareness from your employees
  • Reduced workplace injuries, illnesses, and fatalities
  • Lower workers’ compensation and other related costs to injuries
  • Improvement to your processes, products, and services
  • Increased morale and communication in your facility that will enhance safety as part of your business culture

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