Express Packaging Supply Program

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Save time and money with LINC's Express Program!


How can we help cut your costs?

  • Supplier Consolidation
  • Fast Efficient Shipping
  • Access to Major Packaging Brands
  • Material & Application Analysis
  • Labor Reduction with Equipment Analysis (ROI)
  • Sustainability Focused



Bundled Packaging Products

With LINC Express, you can combine your orders for fasteners with packaging, safety and industrial supplies. Instead of dealing with multiple suppliers, you deal with one. Ordering is streamlined and processing is easier!

LINC Systems has 80 years of experience in innovative fastening, packaging, safety and industrial supply products, equipment & servicing solutions for customers across a broad range of industries.

The goal of LINC Express is to offer our customers the additional benefits of these solutions, supplies and trusted industry expertise to create efficiency in packaging processes, improve safety, lower the total cost of ownership and assist with supply chain fulfillment.

We stock what you need to cut costs and save time in our warehouses from our complete line of Packaging Partners:




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