Pro-Drive Premium Pallet Nails

Do your pallet fasteners stack up to Pro-Drive Premium?

LINC Systems offers a full line of pallet fasteners that have been rigorously tested by Virginia Tech’s Center for Packaging and Unit Load Design and proven to be manufactured to the highest industry standards.

Pro-Drive Premium pallet nails are ideal for pallet manufacturers and crating industries looking to create stronger and better performing pallets that ensure safer storage, stacking and transport of goods.

Discover the Pro-Drive Pallet Nail Premium Difference

30% Higher Withdrawal

Experience 30% higher withdrawal values compared with competitor brands.

14% Higher Pull-Through

Experience 14% higher pull-through values compared with competitor brands.

Pro-Drive Pallet Nail Features

  • Wider head maximizes shear and pull through performance by 14%.
  • Crimson red coating reduces fastener withdrawal and maximizes shear and pull-through performance.
  • Continuous shank provides a deeper screw and optimizes withdrawal performance.
  • Blunt diamond point.

How you benefit from Pro-Drive Pallet Nails

  • Better-performing and stiffer pallet
  • Decreased potential for pallet damage
  • Less damage to customer product
  • More durable and reliable joints
  • Increased pallet performance

New Pro-Drive Premium Pallet Nails have been rigorously tested by Virginia Tech and proven to be manufactured to the highest industry standards.

Nail Pull Through Test

Watch Pro-Drive Premium in action!


See how Pro-Drive Premium performs!

Available in a Variety of Lightweight Pallet Tools Options

We recommend one of these lightweight pallet tools for the most reliability when using Pro-Drive Premium pallet nails.

New PN58


Available in a Variety of Sizes

Item # Size Box Qty
PDP2073 1-3/4" X .086 12,000
PDP2074 2" X .086 9,000
PDP0908 2-1/4" X .086 9,000
Item # Size Box Qty
PDP2011 1-3/4" X .099 12,000
PDP2077 2-½" X .099

Large Coil Pallet Nails

Item # Size Box Qty
PDP1045 2” X .099 9,000
PDP1047 2-¼" X .099 9,000
PDP1048 1-3/4” X .099 9,000

Contact your LINC Systems representative to learn more!

Build a better pallet with Pro-Drive Premium. Give us a call at 800-513-9918 for guidance in selecting the Pro-Drive Premium products that are the best suited for your needs. We will have product purchasing available on the website soon.

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