LINC Systems offers a variety of checkweighers for weighing your packaged products precisely and accurately. We carry a range of checkweighers to suit the needs of different industries, such as food and beverage, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals. The right checkweighers can improve your efficiency and reduce costs.

We carry checkweighers from top-rated brands like A&D Weighing.

Give us a call at 800.252.5894 to speak with our customer service experts for guidance in selecting the right checkweighers for your needs. 

A&D Weighing AD-4961 Series 600G Checkweigher

If you are looking for a mighty machine with a small form factor, our A&D Weighing AD-4961 Series 600g checkweigher is the right choice. This system can achieve speeds up to 400 pieces per minute and has an overall system length under 3 feet.

A&D Weighing AD-4961 Series 2KG Checkweigher

There's no tradeoff necessary: simplicity and best-in-class precision with the 2,000g AD-4961 Series Checkweigher from A&D Weighing. The in-motion checkweigher is versatile with dual range capacity and high repeatability. Perfect for products such as bottled paint samples and applications in food & beverage, like fresh fruits in clamshells.

A&D Weighing AD-4961 Series 6KG Checkweigher

Accelerate your productivity with the highly-efficient 6,000g AD-4961 Series Checkweigher from A&D Weighing. Our modular design allows the system to be customized to fit your exact needs without taking up unnecessary space or slowing down your line. Perfect for products such as bulk protein powder canisters and applications in food & beverage, like meat trays.

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