As a long time distributor of Signode and Samuel Strapping Systems, LINC Systems has the strapping product knowledge and technical expertise to provide the cord strapping, polyester strapping, polypropylene strapping, plastic strapping, and steel strapping solutions for the most challenging of strapping applications. We offer an extensive line of cord, poly, plastic, and steel strapping equipment, ranging from simple strapping hand tools to fully automated strapping machines. We will match them with the correct strapping materials, resulting in an optimal, high-efficiency solution for your business.

Signode SGP Series

Plastic strapping machines offer a fully automated inline solution, a walk-up, a side-seal and a small anvil system. Designed for integration into many industries and applications, the SGP features stainless steel options.

Signode TableTyer

Built with few wearing parts, the TableTyer requires very little maintenance. The TableTyer's internal strapping dispenser helps to conserve floor space. The TableTyer features a flexible design for varying applications. Strapping guides are adjustable for strap sizes from 1/4"" to 1/2"" and the height is adjustable for integration into varying production lines.

Samuel 415G-1

The Samuel Strapping Systems 415G-1 Strapping Machine is a self-threading auto-feed that allows strap to automatically feed with the touch of a lever from outside machine. It is available in tabletop, powered belt conveyor top and side seal configurations. The 415G-1 retracts and self feeds which eliminates strap waste and refeeding excess strap. It is an efficient design with fewer moving parts and adjustments. The system is energy efficient but the motor only running when it is in a strap cycle. The sealing head has a strap ejector which clears any unwanted strap from the seal head. The system is used with polypropylene strap.


Samuel P100

The Samuel Strapping Systems P100 Trackless Strapping Machine is completely portable and very compact, this table top style strapping machine requires only six feet of floor space, yet can strap virtually any shape or size of product bundle or package that can be placed on the machine. It is made to handle a wide variety of packaging applications, including: corrugated cartons, lumber, metal and plastic tubing, paper, as well as soft, fragile packages or materials. The P100 will automatically tension, heat seal, cut the strap, and immediately pre-feed for the next application.

Samuel P702

The Samuel Strapping Systems P702 is a world class high speed automatic strapping machine that is know to be the most operator friendly machine in its class. The compact frame of the P702-59 features an inside mount strap dispenser that hinges up for auto strap loading at waist height. They also feature quick release feed guides for immediate access to the strap feed system with the need for tools.


The PAC Strapping Products Impact Strapper utilizes state of the art technology to give you a machine that is durable, reliable and affordable. The simplistic design of the Impact eliminates chains, belts, and pulleys, dramatically reducing maintenance, repair expenses, and costly downtime.


Available in several different arch and strap sizes, the PAC Strapping Products SM65 is an excellent strapper for a broad range of applications. The state-of-the-art strapping head has 30% fewer parts than comparable strapping machines, and utilizes brushless DC motors. The result is a high-speed strapping machine that consumes less power, requires fewer adjustments, and requires minimal maintenance.

PAC Auto PAC 300

The PAC Strapping Products Auto PAC 300 is fast, consistent and reliable. In addition, it has all the "user friendly" features that are also found in other machines. It is ideal for moderate to high volume applications where 9mm (3/8") or 12mm (1/2") strap is the preferred material.

Corded, Steel, Polyester, & Polypropylene Strapping

With a wide variety of strapping products, we can provide you with the equipment and necessary materials you need for your business’s exact applications. Our strapping materials from Signode, PAC, Samuel, and Carolina Strapping have the capacity to take on your specific jobs.


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