Void Fill & Protective Packaging

Through process review and packaging trials, LINC Systems helps determine the correct product to match your void fill and protective packaging needs. Whether you are a smaller user shipping 5 to 10 packages per day or a user with multiple packing & shipping stations, we can provide the ideal void fill and protective packaging solutions for your specific void fill application. LINC Systems will help keep your products safe in transit.

STOROpack PAPERplus® Track

Whether replacement parts, electronic components, or ceramic products, shipping goods are optimally protected with the paper pads of the STOROpack PAPERplus® Track. Depending on the desired cushioning characteristics, the crimp of the paper pad can be tailored to any product in advance. Users also benefit from the blade-free technology of perforated paper and mechanically separated paper pad.


STOROpack PAPERplus® Papillon

With its low weight and size of 13" x 13" x 15", the STOROpack PAPERplus® Papillon machine only requires a small footprint and can be easily integrated into various packing stations. The padding material is produced directly at the workstation and conveyed into cartons. This increases productivity while ensuring optimum ergonomics and Working Comfort®.


STOROpack AIRplus®

STOROpack's AIRplus® film products are an economical choice for a diverse range of protective packaging applications. With options from square bags, bubble film, cushion film and more, you won't have to worry about your packages getting damaged.


Autobag Fastwrap

The Autobag FastWrap system produces filled bubbles and tubes used for wrapping, interleaving and block-and-brace applications. FastWrap secures and cushions your products while in transit, reducing returns and increasing customer satisfaction. AirPouch FastWrap cushioning bubbles feature our patented, channel-filled honeycomb design, which allows multi-direction wrapping and improved product protection.


Paper, Inflatable, & Foam Protection

With a comprehensive portfolio of machines and paper, inflatable, and foam options, our void fill fits every application - void fill, cushioning, or blocking and bracing. With your packing team in mind we’ve created the safest, most reliable and easy to use paper, inflatable, and foam systems on the market.

Angleboard AngleWrap

These edge protectors serve a variety of packaging functions including edge protection, pallet guarding, unitization, load stability, beam strength, and stacking strength. Angleboard Anglewrap is made from 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.


Angleboard Cornerboard

Cornerboard edge protection is a high-strength, moisture-resistant corner protector made of recycled paper and plastic making it ideal for products that are exposed to the elements and shipped on flatbed trucks, stored outdoors, or exposed to high humidity. Cornerboard is made from 100% recycled materials and is 100% recyclable.



VBoard offers versatility and adaptability unmatched by other packaging systems because it is precisely the amount of edge and corner protection you need, saving you money in shipping materials and labor. Plus, VBoard stabilizes and contains loads, distributes load weight evenly, and easily combines with other materials to create custom packaging solutions.



NotchBoard is VBoard with precise die-cut notches and scores that permit it to be hand-folded quickly into a 90-degree, one-piece edge guard and corner protector often used for custom packaging applications. NotchBoard is shipped and stored unfolded for freight savings and storage efficiency.



UChannel is engineered to deliver precise three-sided edge protection for windows and doors, including garage doors. Its unique single-piece construction can be formed into a wide variety of widths and leg lengths, offering a cost and time saving custom substitute for expensive wood crates or hard-to-handle corrugate. UChannel is manufactured using laminated paperboard up to 18" wide, and also available in asymmetrical leg width combinations that allow for highly specialized applications. Standard caliper options range from 0.080" to 0.600". Standard leg lengths extend to 300", but longer custom lengths are also available.


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