Industrial Labeling

LINC Systems carries automated label applicators to accommodate industrial labeling needs in multiple industries. These electric, automated labeling systems are designed to handle high production volumes and maximize uptime. They are expedient and easy to use, and they can be applied to all types of specific packaging, from standard to irregular.

Automatic labeling equipment can enhance speed capacity on your production line and reduce costs. Certain products have remote access, allowing a user to view and control the equipment from a distance.

We carry a range of automatic labeling applicators from top brands like FoxJet. FoxJet is a carrier of electric, automated labeling systems, applicators, and printers. FoxJet’s Labeling Series has a fast labeling process and user-friendly interface.

FoxJet LS7000

The all-electric FoxJet LS7000 label applicator doesn’t require any plant air. Power the entire solution through a single plug with none of the frequent interventions required to make adjustments with unreliable pneumatic labelers. Manufacturers can synchronize their entire fleet of labelers with remote access capabilities, checking status and diagnostics off the line at one location. Reliably wipe or tamp apply labels in various applications including to the side, top, bottom, front, rear and corner-wrap of product, case, and pallet panels.


  • Large 7" diagnostic display with responsive touchscreen capabilities
  • Prevents double feeds and mislabeled products with smart sensing technology at the peel point
  • Servo-motor label dispensing for repeatable label placement
  • Remote accessibility with controller or PC
  • Wipe or tamp apply


FoxJet LS7100

The FoxJet LS7100 all-electric print and apply labeler has enhanced capabilities to achieve accurate label placement at high speeds using servo-controlled label dispensing technology and intelligent auto-adjusting sensor controls. Reliably print and apply labels in flexible orientations on cases or pallets including the front, rear, side, top, bottom, and corner-wrap.


  • 7" intuitive color touchscreen diagnostic display
  • Smart sensors providing real time feedback for quick troubleshooting capabilities
  • Missing label sensors ensure
  • Redundant systems capabilities
  • Label dispensing driven by servo-motors for accurate label placement
  • Configurable modules in Tamp, FASA, WASA and High-Speed Tamp applications
  • Compatible with Touch Pro or handheld controller for remote access
  • Option to pair with barcode scanner for verification in your material handling