Thermal Transfer

Our thermal transfer products are designed to provide accurate printing with superior quality. Markem Imaje and Flex Pack Pro have genuine Thermal Transfer Ribbons that are system-matched for optimum printing performance across a wide range of bag packaging applications. The ability to print a wide range of fonts on a broad amount of materials can be found through our thermal transfer products.

Markem Imaje SmartDate Thermal Transfer Printer

Thermal Transfer Overprinting is a contact coding process which transfers ink from a ribbon to the material, using a thermal printhead. Thermal transfer technology combines a thermal printhead and a polyester ribbon coated with ink on one side. Ink is transferred from a ribbon to the packaging material using a thermal printhead. This is made up of a row of independent tiny heating elements, mounted on a ceramic support. The different heating elements are activated based on the characters to be printed, melting the ink on the ribbon and transferring the selected characters to the packaging film.

FlexPackPRO XT Series

Designed with the high-volume industrial user in mind, the new FlexPackPRO XT Series Thermal Transfer Overprinter models provide many outstanding benefits. These include having an extra-large ribbon capacity, rugged stainless-steel controllers, increased print areas, and enhanced color interface.


FlexPackPRO® 130 Series
32mm Thermal Transfer Overprinters

Small, economical, high-performance TTO coders for traditional date and lot coding on flexible packaging and labels. Perfect for small packaging machines and labelers.


FlexPackPRO® 210 Series
53mm Thermal Transfer Overprinters

Among the most popular TTO printers on the market, FlexPackPRO® 210 Series coders provide high-resolution barcodes, date codes, text and graphics in virtually any packaging and labeling environment.


FlexPackPRO® 420 Series
107mm Thermal Transfer Overprinters

For those applications requiring larger format codes, text and graphics, there is no better combination of performance and value than these outstanding 4.2” wide Thermal Transfer Overprinters.


FlexPackPRO® 500 Series
128mm Thermal Transfer Overprinters

Featuring a 5” wide, 300 dpi printhead — the 500 series models are perfect for even larger format applications, offering a print area of up to 5” x 8”!


PouchMark® FLOW 2000 Series
Continuous Friction-Feeder Printing System

The FLOW 2000TM prints a 7-inch-tall stack of flat pouches (or cards) at a blazing-fast speed of up to 120 packs per minute. And not just simple text or date codes – 1D, 2D and GS1 barcodes; logos and icons; incremental and database-fed variable codes... all at crisp and clear 300dpi resolution.



PouchMark® FLOW 3000 Series
Continuous Pneumatic-Feeder Printing System

The FLOW 3000TM is the perfect solution for printing variable codes directly onto pre-made zippered and gusseted pouches. Print everything from nutrition panels, compliance data, logos, virtually any type of barcode and more, eliminating the need for pre-printed, hand- or machine-applied labels.



PouchMark® VERSA
Modular Table Top TTO

Custom-printing directly onto pre-formed bags has never been easier! Just choose a template from the touchscreen controller and press the integrated foot pedal for hands-free, perfect custom printing every time. Logos, ingredients, barcodes, and more can all be built into one template and printed at once.

In addition, VERSA’s modular design allows the user to raise the printer and rubber print pad above the base, in order to open and slide more difficult multi-layered zippered or gusseted bags over the pad for best print quality.



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