Picture Frame Cutting

LINC Systems offers the superb quality of Cassese picture framing and cutting equipment to handle whatever your project requires.

Cassese CS 55M2

The CS 55M2 Foot Operated Guillotine is the best “chopper” you have ever seen, and it incorporates all the quality standards and experience of Cassese in the production of picture framing machinery.

Technical Data
Max Cut Width: • 2 3/4″ (70 mm) with reversible knife (option)
• 4″ (100 mm) with non-reversible knife (standard)
Graduations: 0 to 40″ (100 cm) standard 61″ with optional extension
Dimensions: Height: 43″ x Depth: 65″ x Length: 26″
Weight: 247 lbs (112kg)
Optional Accessories: • Molding support, left side
• Measuring table extension +21" for 61" total
• Reversible knives

Key CS 55M2 Features:
• Patented spring loaded rabbet supports allow quick and accurate height adjustment - Quicker to set and safer to use than regular screw type supports
• Direct read measuring scales. Measurement taken directly from moulding in one easy step
• No electrical connection required and no dust collection needed - Dust-free
• Fence locator pins give an accurate 45° cut every time and blade locator pins allow for safer blade changes
• Blade locator pins allow for safer blade changes and tool-less blade height adjustment

  CS55M2 KIT (CATCS55M2KIT) Includes:
• Cassese Chopper with Standard Blades installed
• 1 set Reversible Blades
• 61” long 4 color Measuring Table

Cassese CS 940

The CS 940 Manual Double Mitre Saw is the latest installment of high-quality saws offered by Cassese. The CS 940 has plenty of cutting and engineering features that make it one of the best all-around saws available.

Technical Data
Power Requirements: • 230v Single Phase
• Air Supply: 90 PSI
Dimensions: Height: 60″ x Depth: 29 1/2″ x Length: 130″
Weight: 370 lbs
Molding Type: Wood, MDF, Plastic
Cutting Capacity: 5 1/2″ Wide x 3″ Tall
Measuring Table (Included): 55″ (Optional 43″ extension for total of 97″ Z27970)
Blades: 2 Ea. 12″ Carbide (Z27230)

Key CS 940 Features:
• 4 color direct read measuring scale
• Independent manually controlled cutting stroke
• Convenient waste catcher

  CS 940 Safety Features:
• Unique brake system motors (blades stop within 2 seconds)
• Hardened clearshield wide window
• Convenient, safe and easy blade access
• Minimal dust collection (2 Integrated extraction ports)

Cassese CS 969

The CS 969 Automatic Double Mitre Saw is part of the new generation of saws from Cassese. Taller, wider cuts, heavy-duty and reliable, safe, clean and precise. The CS 969 is the best automatic waste reduction saw available.

Technical Data
Power Requirements: • 220v Triple Phase (16 Amps)
• Air Supply: 90 PSI (2 liters/cycle)
Dimensions: Height: 53" x Depth: 41 3/4" (30" without panels) x Length: 134"
Weight: 1,543 lbs
Cutting Capacity: 6 3/8" Wide x 4 3/8" Tall
Motor & Speed: 1.5kW (2hp) each | 2,800 RPM single phase - 3,200 RPM 3 phase
Optional Accessories: • Right and left vertical clamps (Z15730)
• 1 meter right hand measuring arm extension (2.5 meters measured cut) (Z15731)
• 2 meter right hand measuring arm extension (3.5 meters measured cut) (Z15732)
• Special clamps for aluminum and thin wood (Z16005)

Key CS 969 Features:
• Additional pneumatic & retractable measuring stop for quick switch between short & long cuts
• Pneumatic horizontal and vertical clamps standard
• 59″ (1.5m) 45° Measuring Scale and Infeed Table
• Heavy duty construction for long life and accurate cuts. Cast aluminium cutting head, concrete base, heavy-duty air-cooled bearings, large blade collars, pitch & angle adjustments.

  CS 969 Safety Features:
• Safety built-in. Meets tough European CE safety standards, totally enclosed, two-button operation keeps hands away from blades.
• Totally enclosed for clean operation. Dust extraction at the blades and easy chip clean-out help keep saw clean. Meets European CE standards for dust control.
• High visibility with hardened plastic windows.
• Minimal dust (2 integrated extraction ports)

Cassese CS 999

The Cassese CS 999 saw has been designed for the high volume framer. This saw delivers the fastest production rate possible and has been recognized as the fastest automated double mitre saw on the market. High speed without compromising quality.

Technical Data
Power Requirements: • 220v Single Phase or 380v Triple Phase
• Air Supply: 2.1 Cfm @ 90 PSI
Dimensions: Height: 62" x Depth: 33" x Length: 122"
Weight: 1,694 lbs
Cutting Capacity: 3 1/4" Wide x 4" Tall
Optional Accessories: • 30" measuring arm extension (90" measured cut)
• 78" measuring arm extension (136" measured cut)
• Removable stop for shorter cuts
• SmartStop digital measuring and stop system

Key CS 999 Features:
• Makes up to 1,000 cuts per hour with 14" blades
• Vertical cutting stroke and two measuring stops allow cuts for both frame dimensions, one after the other
• Pneumatic horizontal and vertical clamps standard
• Adjustable speed control to get best results for your molding hardness
• Adjustable blade height to reduce wasted travel and increase productivity
• 58″ (1.5meter) robust lead-in support arm arm and lead-out measuring arm
• Two rear dust extraction ports

Cassese SmartStop

Automatic stops can be ordered as an option with Cassese double mitre saws and are installed on the machines at the factory. The Cassese SmartStop automatic measuring stops allows significant time savings compared to manual measuring systems. The stops can be set in a few seconds and automatic stops help the operator avoid costly mistakes. SmartStops available in 2 meter or 3 meter lengths.

Technical Data
Power Requirements: 220v or 380v Single or Triple Phase connected directly to saw
Measuring Capacity: 4 3/4" minimum outside | 81 1/8" maximum outside
Optional Accessories: • Imperial or metric measurements
• Extra length extensions
• Bar code scanner and wand with PC connection

Key SmartStop features:
• Touch screen and intuitive interface – Easy to learn, easy to operate – Built-in frame counter for production jobs – Operates in 5 different languages
• Stores up to 800 frame programs – Stores custom frame sizes, molding widths and reference numbers – Ideal for repeating common jobs
• Stores up to 80 standard sized frames – Create your own standard sizes list. One button push to pick the size and one button push to measure the width • Automatic length and width measuring – Accurate within 1/10th of a millimeter – Self adjusts for width of molding – Great for quick, accurate setups and molding width variances
• Easy one button push for most setting tweaks: change from inside to outside measurements, change sizes from long to short, and adjust allowances as needed

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