Shrink Packaging

LINC Systems offers Arpac, Kallfass, Seal-A-Tron, Texwrap and Tekkra shrink wrapping and shrink bundling systems for a wide variety of shrink packaging applications, such as single packs, multi packs, display packaging as well as protective packaging.

We also offer full body, tamper evident, and multi-packing solutions shrink sleeve equipment and installations. Tripack full body sleeve labeling, tamper evident banding and multi-packing equipment is the best in the industry. Our extensive experience, combined with the design and performance of Tripack equipment, makes us the right choice for a wide range of markets and customers.

Regardless of the volume of products to be packaged, there are a variety of shrink systems available to match your particular needs.

Arpac 25TW

This intermittent motion bundler is capable of wrapping up to 25 products per minute, depending on product size. The 25TW Model is ideal for wrapping a wide range of products in either a single tier or stacked arrangement guaranteeing years of reliability.


Arpac 45TW

This continuous motion bundler is capable of wrapping up to 45 products per minute, depending on product size. This system will wrap any unitized or tray-packed product, including random pack sizes. The 45TW Model guarantees years of reliable service, and is ready to ship in as little as two weeks from the order date.


Arpac 708HBD

The Arpac Brand 708HBD Model is a right-angle, intermittent motion shrink bundler designed specifically for today’s pharmaceutical, health and beauty industries. Ultra-compact in design and economical in price, the 709HBD is capable of shrink wrapping up to 20 bundles per minute in a single lane configuration. This model uses motorized pulleys rather than separate drives an chain. This allows for clean, safe operation and a slim machine frame.


Arpac BPTW

Using single roll print registered polyethylene film, the BPTW Model ensures accurate placement of printed logos, graphics and advertising messages on each bundle with a bullseye enclosure. Print registered film provides an attractive forum for your retail marketing message at a fraction of the cost of traditional paperboard packaging. The finished package is an easy to carry package that is attractive to the end consumer. Servo technology ensures the wrapper provides gentle product handling and precise wrapping. This automatic system paces product, wraps print registered film around the product and shrinks the film to make bullseye shrink bundles.


Arpac AGR

This compact, right-angle infeed shrink bundling system collates and over-wraps multiple arrangements of scrounds, rounds, squares, pints, quarts, cans and other food containers in a single or dual lane configuration. Ideal for wash-down environments, this single frame, heavy-duty, stainless steel system, with NEMA 4X electrical cabinets and controls, is designed and built in compliance with FDA and food industry standards. Smooth product transfer and product stability is ensured with a product transfer bridge and product hold down feature.


Kallfass UNIVERSA 800

The Kallfass UNIVERSA 800 is the perfect side sealer for larger products, such as picture frames, furniture, insulation material and others. The servo-controlled seal bar is electromechanically driven (without mechanical brake) and guarantees an extremely smooth and low-wear packaging process. Additionally, the encoder controls used by KALLFASS provide maximum flexibility and minimum change over times.


The new Kallfass UNIVERSA 500 SERVO is a hybrid that closes the gap between intermittent-motion and continuous-motion machines of today. The smooth product transport through the machine minimizes slippages of stacked products and problems with slightly unstable collations of products. The UNIVERSA 500 SERVO also incorporates the features of the UNIVERSA 400 that provide an almost effortless product changeover with only a few adjustments.

Kallfass COMPACT 650 D

The Kallfass COMPACT 650 D has a chamber with two of Kallfass' patented concentric nozzle heating systems which provides an outstanding shrink capacity. Film is shrunk tightly to products, even when they have complex and irregular shapes. This optimized shrink process consistently delivers high-quality display packaging when polyolefin films are used.

Seal-A-Tron KOMBI

The Seal-A-Tron Kombi Wrapper 3 L-Bar Sealer and Shrink Tunnel can hold up to a 20" W roll of plastic, has Tru-Temp digital seal wire control, and has a proximity sensor switching for impulse seal wires. Additionally, it provides a cool down cycle, digital temperature controls, and surround airflow on all 4 sides.

Seal-A-Tron S-2330

The Seal-A-Tron S-2330 Semi-Automatic L-Bar Sealer is equipped with proximity sensor switching for impulse seal wires, Tru-Temp digital seal wire control, and motorized seal table adjustment. It provides premium machinery at a reasonable price with superior benefits.

Seal-A-Tron T-2213

The Seal-A-Tron T-2213-40 Production Shrink Tunnel comes with a surround air flow design, a cool down cycle, and a Kool-Touch exterior surface. With additional options available and premium benefits, this machine will allow for safe productivity and create increased performance.

Seal-A-Tron AS-2024AC

The Seal-A-Tron AS-2024AC Automatic L-Bar provides V-grooved conveyor belts which reduces belt ware, variable frequency driven motor controls, and auto reverse for tall packages. The machine also features the new electronic seal stroke.