Stretch Wrapping

LINC Systems offers stretch wrapping machines for wrapping industrial loads with stretch wrap to secure them for transport. We offer a full line of end-of-line fully automatic stretch wrappers and semi-automatic stretch wrappers. These include rotary turntable stretch wrappers, rotary tower stretch wrappers, orbital stretch wrappers, and custom engineered automatic stretch wrapping systems to meet the end of line stretch wrapping needs of our customers. Our extensive experience combined with the design and performance of Wulftec and Orion equipment makes us the right choice for North American and global distributors.

We carry stretch film wrapping machines from top-rated brands like Orion and Wulftec.

Give us a call at 800-513-9918 to speak with our customer service experts for guidance in selecting the right stretch wrappers for your needs. We will have product purchasing available on the website soon.

ORION SENTRY LP Semi-Automatic

The Orion Packaging Sentry LP is an entry level, semi-automatic turntable style stretch wrapping machine for economical and efficient unitization of pallet loads with stretch film. The Sentry LP can dramatically increase efficiency and lower film cost per load, especially compared to manually applying stretch film by hand.



ORION FA Fully Automatic

Orion Packaging's rugged and reliable fully automatic FA turntable stretch wrapping system is unsurpassed in quality and performance. The FA is engineered for long-term reliability in even the harshest industrial environments so you can count on maximum uptime. Additionally, the film delivery system on the FA will help you reduce cost with every load you wrap.



ORION Orbital

Orion's Constellation Series orbital automatic stretch wrapping machines are designed for stretch film unitization of long loads which cannot be wrapped on conventional stretch wrap machines. These orbital wrappers are available with a variety of ring sizes and can be adapted to a wide range of horizontal wrapping applications.



ORION AG360 Robotic

The Orion AG360 is the stretch wrapping solution for maximum flexibility in your pallet unitizing operation. The battery operated AG360 is fully portable and can be easily driven to wherever it is needed to stretch wrap your pallets. Because the AG360 uses a spring-loaded "follow" wheel, there is no limit to the size (or weight) of pallet loads to be wrapped.



Stretch Film

Our full line of stretch films is available in machine and hand-applied formats. These formats provide an efficient and cost-effective solution for primary packaging and unitization.


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