Customer Favorites: 6 Nailers and Staple Tools for Lumberyard and Construction Dealers

Date of post: February 27, 2024By: LINC Systems

With over 25 years of experience, we are the lumberyard and construction supply dealer’s choice for solutions that meet the needs of their contractor, manufacturer and industrial accounts. Our team of dealer representatives have extensive knowledge of specialty applications and are on hand to assist you and your customers in material, fastener and industrial supply selection.

LINC Systems carries a full selection of:

  • Collated Nails, Staples and Screws
  • Fastening Tools
  • Steel, Woven and Composite Strapping
  • Safety and PPE 

LINC Sales Team’s Tool Favorites 

In addition to our technical expertise and services, we partner with the best tool manufacturers in the world like Paslode, EVERWIN and Spot Nails. Our long-term relationship with high-quality manufacturers ensures you get the best tools and solutions to not only meet customer demand, but also grow your business with diversified product and service offerings.

It doesn’t end there. Our team of knowledgeable representatives are always on the lookout for faster, safer and more reliable tooling solutions to serve you better. They talk to businesses like yours every day to uncover trends and challenges and collaborate to exceed your expectations.  

Here are some of our most common customer-requested tools:

The Paslode Cordless 1-1/2” Positive Placement Metal Connector Nailer

Quickly and accurately find metal connector holes and drive nails with improved precision and speed. The lightweight and cordless 1–1/2" Positive Placement® Metal Connector Nailer is not only ideal for customers on the go, but it also has Paslode's proprietary Positive Placement nose tip.  

  • Weighs only 6.7lbs
  • Drives 800 nails on a full fuel cell
  • Reduce jams and misfires by using genuine Paslode nails

LINC carries Paslode positive placement metal connectors and other fasteners for their tools, but we recommend checking our ProDrive brand of fasteners that are Paslode compatible.

More Info on this Paslode metal connector nailer.  

See the full experience of the new Paslode Cordless 1-1/2" Positive Placement Metal Connector Nailer:

The Paslode tetraGRIP™ 0 Degree Coil Siding Nailer

Make your siding installation much easier and faster with this lightweight, compact and maneuverable Pneumatic tetraGRIP 0 Degree Coil Siding Nailer from Paslode. This tool is part of the tetraGRIP siding system, which eliminates nailing into studs for siding applications.  For fiber cement siding, using this tool can help you install it up to 20% faster on average. 

More Info on this Paslode coil siding nailer.

The Pneumatic Paslode tetraGRIP™ 0 Degree Coil Subfloor Nailer 

The Pneumatic tetraGRIP™ 0 Degree Coil Subfloor Nailer from Paslode is part of the tetraGRIP subfloor nailing system. This system maximizes efficiency when installing subfloors by driving as fast as a nail but holding like a screw. It eliminates floor squeaks, reducing call backs and repair costs. 

  • Weighs only 8.3lbs
  • Raise homeowner satisfaction and save time installing
  • Use exclusively with tetraGRIP Subfloor Fasteners

More Info on this Paslode subfloor nailer.

See how the Paslode tetraGrip™ subfloor fastener drives like a nail but holds like a screw:

The EVERWIN FS9240BC 18 Gauge 92 Series Cap Stapler 

With the most efficient loading system to date and the quickest cycling engine, the FS9240BC from EVERWIN helps boost output for roofing and siding applications. Compact and ergonomically designed, the lightweight FS9240BC (3.86 lbs.) comes with a bypass “Rapid-Loader" Cap magazine for fast loading and two trigger options. With this tool, you can use 18 gauge 92 series cap fasteners from EVERWIN, BOSTITCH, or DeWalt. Use our Fastener Finder to get what you need.

For use in:  

  • House Wrap
  • Roofing Felt
  • Timber Wrap
  • Foam Insulation
  • Corrugated Sheets to Pallets
  • Silt Fence

More Info on this Everwin 92 Series Cap Stapler.

>> Check out how the Everwin FS9240BC compares to its competitors: FS9240BC Comparison Chart  

 EVERWIN Strip/Framing Nailers 

EVERWIN carries a variety of pneumatic strip nailers ranging from 40 mm to the jumbo 160 mm, perfect for a wide range of framing and joist hanging activities in construction, woodworking or DIY. Customers love it because it’s quick, nimble and can sink everything from paper-collated nails to plastic-collated nails and joist hanger anchor nails.  

More Info on Everwin Pneumatic Strip/Framing Nailers.  

Check out how Everwin’s FCN90 Compact Coil Framing Nailer handles large volume, high speed and all weather work conditions: 

See how Everwin's industrial grade 18-gauge staplers and brad nailers make a difference for professionals in the toughest environments:

The EVERWIN Sheathing Medium Crown Stapler

The SN41S5 from EVERWIN has an all-metal construction for longer tool lifespan and durability, combined with a driving energy adjustment knob to help users set staples at the right depth required for various applications including:  

  • Sheathing and Subflooring
  • Furniture Framing
  • Roof Decking
  • Crate and Box Assembly
  • Pallets Fascia and Soffits 
  • Ridge Beam Assembly

More Info on the Everwin Sheathing Stapler.  

For use with 16 & 17 gauge Bostitch BCS5, SENCO N, and BeA 155 fasteners.  

See our EVERWIN SN41 series in action – they’re the most trustworthy lineup in the market. 

We also carry other top-rated fastening tools from world class manufacturers like SPOTNAILS, OMER, Senco, Pneutools, Duofast and more.



Want to know why LINC Systems is the ideal solution for dealers? Let’s dig in:  

LINC Dealer Services for Lumberyard and Construction Supply 

LINC Systems partners with community and chain lumber yards, construction supply stores and service centers throughout the United States to service and supply the most reputable brands of construction tools, fasteners, strapping and accessories available on the market today.

We don’t have any minimum requirements to become a Dealer Services Partner, so dealers large and small can experience the LINC Advantage. Plus, we can demo our tools and fasteners on-site so you can see how they will perform for your customers. Learn more about our Dealer Services.

Here are just a few of the ways we help dealers grow through top-rated products and tools, service and repair:

Jobsite Calls

Our dealer representatives are available for on-site visits to offer troubleshooting support and expertise, as well as training opportunities for both you and your customer. For example, we can provide advice on how to choose the right pneumatic trigger for improved tool safety.

Merchandising for Store Sets

Not only do we source the right products for you and set up your displays, we’ll help you sell them with monthly or quarterly customized promotions.  

Contractor Events

We attend your customer appreciation events with product demonstrations, tool tune-ups, special event pricing and face-time with preferred manufacturers. We can also conduct training on pneumatic tool safety tips for improved workplace safety.

Specialty Fastening Applications 

We are the fastener experts. Count on LINC Systems to advise on fasteners, tools and materials your customers’ specialty application require. We provide on-site consultations and tool demonstrations to improve productivity and job quality. Learn more: A Guide to Fastener Finishes for Industrial Applications

Product and Safety Training 

LINC Systems takes safety seriously and is the only supplier in this industry that provides extensive pneumatic tool safety training, product training, site evaluations and recommendations for both you and your customers. Read more about our Stay Safe! Safety Training Program.  

Rapid Repair Tool Repair Program 

Membership in our Rapid Tool Repair program fast tracks you to the front of the line for tool repair services. Sign up for our Rapid Tool Repair program for access to fast and reliable tool repair and service. Learn how often you should lubricate pneumatic nailers and staplers

For packaging, fastening and industrial supplies, LINC Systems is your total solution.  



LINC Systems is here with the fasteners, tools and advice to help your customers work safely and efficiently. If you have any questions or would like to schedule a consultation, please contact us, or give us a call at 800-513-9918 or browse our website

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