How Automation Can Help Structural Building Component Manufacturers Improve Efficiencies

Date of post: May 5, 2022By: LINC Systems

With construction at an all-time high, builders, designers and contractors are looking for the most cost-effective solutions to their biggest building challenges. As a result, modular construction has gained traction in today’s construction industry. Instead of traditional construction that requires raw materials to be delivered to the building site for assembly, large portions of the project are fabricated in a facility and then shipped to the job site for completion. Pre-manufactured panelized walls, roof trusses and framing systems for floors and walls are just a few examples of ways the construction industry is keeping up with demand.

That’s where you come in.

As a manufacturer of prefabricated structural building components, your business is perfectly positioned to fill the increasing demands of the building market. The benefits of modular construction are many and your customers experience time savings, lower labor costs, faster production, reduced storage requirements and less waste. Plus, with modular structural building components, builders aren’t delayed by bad weather conditions.

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As innovative as modular building components are, fabricating them is not without challenges. Compared to building directly on the job site where last-minute changes and alterations can be made, engineering and design decisions must be carefully planned at the onset. Since these decisions are created early in the building process, there’s no room for error or mistakes when it comes time for assembly.

Additionally, most modules are prefabricated miles away from the building site and there are risks associated with transportation. Prefabricated building panels must be properly packaged and handled to eliminate expensive damage. Damage of any kind, large and small, can hold up an entire segment of installation for your customers — leaving them under the gun and unsatisfied.

It’s not just the quality of the modular components that’s important to your business’ success. You need tools and equipment you can count on for production line efficiency. Automated equipment and specialized tooling offer advantages that include higher production rates, more efficient use of materials, better product quality, improved safety, fewer downtime events and better lead times.

Want to increase structural building component production and improve quality in your lines? LINC Systems has specialized automated solutions, tools and services to make it happen.

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Automation Solves 5 Key Challenges Facing Structural Building Component Manufacturers

In today’s global economy, manufacturers are fighting to stay ahead of the competition. New technology such as automation makes that possible. Industrial automation not only speeds up production but can help businesses cut costs and create a more agile supply chain. Here are a few examples of why automation may be the solution your business needs. Automated manufacturing can:

1. Increase production and quality
Automating your production lines increases production capacity while creating accuracy and consistency in the final product. Built-in sensors can track equipment run times, spot potential failures and reduce variability in final products through real-time tracking.

2. Address labor shortage
Many businesses find themselves short-staffed, leading to production delays and employee burnout. In today’s limited labor market, automation helps you work efficiently with the staff you have, without overworking existing employees.

3. Retain good employees
Good employees are hard to find. Automation allows companies to place key employees in positions most suited to their skill set, instead of wasting their talent on repetitive tasks. This allows employees the time they need to learn new skills and advance in their career — with you and not your competitor.

4. Improve safety and reduce incident rates
Risks abound in any manufacturing facility, especially those that result in pinch point injuries. By automating production lines, companies can limit operator intervention of moving equipment resulting in fewer lacerations, contusions or even amputations. Automation can also reduce worker fatigue and overexertion from repetitive motion, meaning your crew suffers fewer musculoskeletal injuries and fewer sick days.

5. Reduce the cost of ownership
Staying ahead of the competition in today’s world often means doing more with less. Automating your manufacturing lines can drive down costs by eliminating waste, increasing throughput, improving safety, lowering labor costs and managing material usage.

Other benefits of manufacturing automation include predictable maintenance schedules and smarter operational decisions from performance tracking.

Automated Equipment Services and Solutions from LINC Systems

LINC Systems has the experience, capability and partnerships to support your automated manufacturing needs. In addition to providing fasteners, fastening tools and industrial supplies for your business, we offer structural building component manufacturers the following:

Fastening Tool Supply

We understand your business. LINC Systems works with automation manufacturers like Triad and Panels Plus to design the installation of fastener tools for our customers. We also provide them with the fastening tools, triggers, valving, mounts and accessories they need to create the modular solutions you expect. We carry specialized tooling and accessories for increased production including extra-long, higher capacity magazines, stick tools, cordless tools, and premium pneumatic tools to help with the automation process.

Our deep industry knowledge not only enables us to offer the right fasteners, structural screws, and tooling your production process requires, but we can also maintain and service your tooling and equipment.

Want to see automation in action? Check out this video from our partners at Panels Plus:

Technical Services

Our team of factory-certified technicians arrives on site to install equipment, train personnel, perform system checks and repair your equipment back to factory specifications. Our technicians are prepared to offer quick turnaround, fast repair and minimal downtime — so you can get back to work.

Packaging Solutions

Automated solutions can improve your packaging process and reduce the need for human intervention in your operations. Our team of packaging experts can help you improve your packaging applications for safer and easier transportation, movement, delivery and hoisting of components like trusses and wall panels. We offer customized packaging solutions for primary packaging, secondary packaging, end-of-line packaging, and marking and coding equipment.

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Consulting Services

No two businesses have the same operational needs. We work directly with plant engineers and operations managers to analyze your operations and identify areas for improvement and line integrations, including automation and tooling suggestions for improved consistency and reliability. We also work with our extensive network of suppliers to identify solutions that meet industry requirements and building codes.

LINC Systems knows that managing supply chain inefficiencies is a major challenge facing structural building component manufacturers. We work with our customers to identify bottlenecks, manage material changes and optimize processes for better supply management.

Safety Training

We put safety first. Not only do we carry a broad selection of the highest-rated safety equipment and PPE, but we offer workplace pneumatic safety training. These programs are highly effective in educating your employees on safe pneumatic tool handling procedures as well as how to troubleshoot damaged or defective tooling.

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For packaging, fastening and industrial supplies, LINC Systems is your total solution.


LINC Systems is here with the tools and advice to help you work safely and efficiently. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an on-site consultation for automating your production line, please click here to contact us. Or give us a call at 800-513-9918.

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