Inkjet Industrial Printer Maintenance Tips to Maximize Life and Efficiency

Date of post: March 2, 2022   By: LINC Systems

Looking to extend the life of the inkjet coding systems on your primary, secondary and end of line packaging operations? To get the most out of your investment, we recommend regular care and maintenance to reduce the likelihood of clogged or blocked printheads, alignment issues, excessive ink consumption and the expenses associated with printhead replacement.

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Why Printhead Maintenance is Critical for Efficient Operations

Why Choose Repairable Printheads?

For manufacturers looking for efficient and cost-effective marking and coding solutions, repairable printheads are a must. Dust, glue and airborne contaminants that are common in production environments can clog, block and damage the small nozzles on printers, requiring routine printhead replacement. Instead of constantly sourcing and purchasing new components, repairable printheads allow for regular service. This simple switch can help you achieve the lowest total cost of ownership on industrial high-resolution inkjet printing.

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Sustainability scores are another factor to consider when selecting repairable printing systems. FoxJet printing solutions allow manufacturers to print variable barcodes, logos and graphics online — eliminating the need to inventory preprinted boxes. Fewer preprinted boxes mean less unnecessary box waste which is less expensive and kinder to the environment.

Printheads also contain toxic elements and there are few recycling programs, so cleaning and recovering heads are better for the environment than traditional printheads that are simply discarded.

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How to Prepare your FoxJet System for a Line Shutdown or Planned Downtime

Without regular care and maintenance of your high-resolution inkjet printheads, you run the risk of decreased print quality, illegible markings, shorter head life and diminished operating efficiency. Additionally, when you routinely inspect your printer and printheads, you can identify potential wear points that could compromise the integrity of your marking and coding applications.

Below, we share some tips to get the most out of your printhead investments, improve efficiency and lower your total cost of ownership.

Unpacking your new or serviced printhead

  • When unpacking, keep the box and packing material to send back for service
  • When replacing the filter, take the shipping cap and replace it in the plastic bag and tape the bag to the machine
  • Screw in the waste collector until it’s tight
  • Take the packing off the head and unscrew the sealing cap
  • Keep the sealing cap in a safe place so you can re-attach if sending it back for service or repair, or if you take the system offline

Taking the printhead offline for cleaning, storage & shipment

  • Remove the filter and replace it with the shipping cap to seal the system
  • Take the filter and put it in the plastic bag and tape it to the printhead to keep together
  • Seal the head to the printhead with the L-bracket facing out when looking at the printhead
  • Remove the waste container and put the shipping waste container back on
  • Make sure that the ink is within the expiration date when going online again – if not, get a fresh bottle of ink and run for a couple of days
  • To ship back, cover the sealed head with a plastic bag lined with a paper towel and pack it into the box and packing it came in

How to Prepare Your FoxJet System for a Line Shutdown or Planned Downtime
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LINX 8900 Printer Maintenance Tips

LINX 8900 Series small character continuous inkjet (CIJ) printers are designed to be intuitive, yet easy to operate and maintain. Designed for reliability with minimal intervention, the LINX 8900 Series offers up to 18,000 hours between maintenance services with up to 100 starts and stops. In addition to its renowned reliability, the LINX 8900 has an IP55 washdown rating, making it ideal for harsh environments or where washdowns are required (food, beverage and dairy packaging).


Cleaning the LINX 8900 printhead

  • If you’re getting lines in your print, hit the purge button which will push ink through all the pores
  • If you’re still having problems, use the FoxJet maintenance spray (not other cleaners because this is specifically made to clean the ink in this printer) to lightly spray the pores on the printhead and then use a lint-free cleaner to wipe the printhead
  • Shot controls to alert of fastener jams
  • Central plugs for single electrical connection
  • Continuous feed cylinders to attain high and consistent fastening speeds

LINC Systems explains how to clean your LINX 8900 printhead.
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Explore Industrial Inkjet Printers

FoxJet has a wide selection of label applicators, inkjet coder equipment and printers to fit your packaging and processing needs. Designed for the rigors of industrial environments, their state-of-the-art solutions are durable and dependable. Coupled with repairable printheads, FoxJet technology delivers crisp, clear logos and graphics, dark text and readable barcodes.

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