Labor Shortages And Production Slowdowns? BeA Answers The Call With Automated Fastening Technology

Date of post: October 12, 2021By: LINC Systems

Businesses are experiencing unprecedented economic and operational impacts as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. As the world begins its slow return to normal, manufacturers grapple with limited labor markets and ongoing supply constraints while trying to keep up with record-high demand.

Automation is one way that manufacturers are innovating their production lines to make up for these deficiencies. Manufacturers have been implementing automation as a way to increase precision, consistency and operational efficiency for years, but its frequency has accelerated for three reasons. One, the growing labor shortage. Two, limited access to raw material. And three, high production requirements.

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Highly repetitive industrial applications like industrial fastening require excessive amounts of manpower if performed manually. Without adequate personnel to perform tasks, cycle times and production capacity often come to a grinding halt, greatly impacting overall throughput.

Automated machines reduce the work performed by humans, increasing production capabilities, while allowing businesses to place those workers in positions more suited to their skill set.

Additionally, limited access to raw materials and supplies means that errors and defects must be managed very carefully to avoid further diminishing production output. Automated fastening solutions can be dialed in to the application’s required specifications, reducing the likelihood of errors and expensive rework.


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Improve Fastening Operations with BeA Autotec Stapling Automation


The original BeA company which is now BeA GmbH was founded in 1910 in Germany. For BeA Fasteners USA, automation isn’t new. Since the 1960s, BeA Fasteners USA has led the charge in developing innovative fastening technologies for industries including furniture, pallets and crating, automotive, prefabricated housing construction, marine and recreational vehicles, and packaging markets.

Their BeA Autotec line of tools for automated fastening was designed in 1989 to deliver speed, power and reliability in a variety of applications. BeA Autotec is available in many different magazine configurations and customizations to accommodate all requirements and firing methods, and can be fixed-mounted or rotary-mounted. BeA Autotec automated tooling line extends to:

  • Automatic Reloading Stations
  • Long Magazines
  • Top Loaders
  • Side Loaders
  • Change-Over Cassettes
  • Stationary Units
  • Clinching Units, and more
BeA Autotec Fastening Tool


BeA Autotec automated staplers offer manufacturers key benefits such as:

  • Lower maintenance
  • Higher parts tolerance
  • Less energy consumption for longer tool life
  • Improved reliability and consistency
  • Improved worker safety and ergonomics
  • High production fastening capability
  • Decreased changeover time

Why BeA Autotec?


LINC Systems has a long and trusted partnership with BeA Fasteners USA and we trust them to deliver high quality fastening solutions for our customers’ high production requirements.

BeA Autotec solutions are built specifically to meet your unique production requirements and come with the fasteners and accessories you need for complete integration. Since, BeA manufactures each component of their tooling, we can communicate directly with their team of engineers. If you have questions on a tool's functionality, want to troubleshoot a current process, or are looking for ways to improve production cycles, we can help.

“BeA is a global leader in innovative solutions and we work with LINC Systems to design customized solutions for their customers’ needs,” said Tate Chapman, Regional Sales Manager for BeA Fasteners USA. “We evaluate the process, speak to the end-users directly and collaborate with our engineers to create the right Autotec tooling configuration to help them tackle today’s toughest challenges.”

See why BeA Autotec is the ideal automated solution for your stapling applications.
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To optimize your workflow even further, BeA Autotec offers a full line of accessories for full system integration, decreased downtime and higher production output. They include:

  • Electric actuation valves
  • Magazine control sensors
  • Shot controls to alert of fastener jams
  • Central plugs for single electrical connection
  • Continuous feed cylinders to attain high and consistent fastening speeds

*Staple options include fine wire staples, medium wire staples and heavy wire staples and are available in a variety of leg lengths. View BeA Autotec brochure for more information.


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LINC Systems carries a wide selection of automated fastening tools and accessories such as BeA Autotec and their full line of magazine configurations, electric actuation valves, continuous feed cylinders and magazine control sensors. Reach out to your LINC Systems fastening expert for questions on automating your production line. Call 800-513-9918 or visit

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